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Omar Wasn’t Radical

    Homosexual persecution isn’t radical Islam. It’s Sharia Law.   Omar Mateen walked into a gay nightclub in Florida and opened fire, killing forty-nine people and injuring at least fifty-three. Islamic group ISIS immediately...


DIY Hologram

Simple hologram made with cd case or plastic. Make one small enough for your phone, using one cd case or large for ipad or laptop, by using four cd cases.  


American Baby

Our forefathers ensured the right of all American citizens to be protected under the Constitution. It does not matter your race or Nationality. It does not matter if your bloodline reaches to our Revolution,...


Dear Mr. Pope

The oldest existing military unit in the history of the world. The Pontifical Swiss Guard has protected the Pope since 1505. The Hundred Swiss were created in 1480 when Louis XI retained a Swiss...


Sports Illustrated VS Playboy

  How did we go from Marilyn to Caitlyn? Did you know Playboy stopped putting nude women in their United States magazine this year? Not for the rest of the world though. In the...


Dear Stephen King

As a lifelong fan of Stephen King, I was so disappointed to learn he was an avid supporter of President Obama. He questions our nuclear weapons in the hands of Mr. Trump, when his...


History of Japan in Nine Minutes

This is very well done. I would like to make a correction on one thing he missed, when the USA dropped the bombs on Japan. Einstein had fled Germany and he told us that...