Memorial Day 2016

fQqLRQ9Memorial Day is in honor of every soldier who never made it back home, and was once known as Decoration Day. It does not matter your views towards our armed forces, or if you support or were against any of our wars. It does not matter if you believe they were all heroes doing their duty, or simply helping to install central banks. From our Revolution, to the men and women we send to foreign shores today, each has gone believing they were fighting for our freedom. Each has sworn an oath to protect our Constitution. Each has family and friends, who want to see them come home safely. To those who died believng they were fighting for our rights or helping others to achieve freedom, we owe a debt of gratitude. At 3:00pm today, please observe a moment of silence and help us to honor our fallen soldiers, each and every one.



History of Memorial Day

The True Story Behind the 1st Memorial Day

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