You can only pick one NC

13164331_1008338552554795_7022250431225419928_nI stand for marriage equality for gay and transgender people. I do not stand for men in the bathrooms, with our wives, mothers and daughters. There are no sex change surgery requirements. HB2 allows all men to use any bathroom they want, under gender fluid protection laws.

They are using the defense of bigotry, to excuse a much larger crime. States rights VS Federal rights. Regardless of the issue, when the President can threaten a states educational funding and school lunches and funding for hospitals, that’s called a dictatorship. That’s called stomping on our Constitution. If President Obama can do it to N.C., then him and all future Presidents can do it to any state, over anything they want. American patriots can not stand by and allow our women to be put in danger, so someone isn’t insulted. American patriots can not stand by and watch as our government threatens our kids education, to get their way.

Ruling could ultimately lead to the loss of billions in federal education money

Obama Threatens North Carolina on Bathroom Privacy, Pushes ‘Gender Fluid’ Society

NC files lawsuit against Dept. of Justice, over threats to withhold educational funding.




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