Sports Illustrated VS Playboy



How did we go from Marilyn to Caitlyn?

Did you know Playboy stopped putting nude women in their United States magazine this year?

Not for the rest of the world though.

In the past few years, we have all seen the rise of safe spaces and certain words and subjects and religions, deemed rude to even speak of. We have seen tee-shirts and flags liberals deem offensive, to be banned.

Is it not time to ask ourselves, did we enter The Twilight Zone, when a red-bloodied American teenage boy can’t pick up a Playboy and see a beautiful, nude woman?

Here kid, have a nude Caitlyn instead, with your Sports heroes.

Caitlyn Jenner Will Reportedly Pose Naked on the Cover of Sports Illustrated
Playboy’s first non-nude edition


Marilyn Monroe Playboy 1953










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