Facebook Nazi Conditioning


I’ve always wondered how Hitler could control so many people.  How did he get them to turn on their own family, friends and neighbors? Were they all evil? Stupid? Simply trying to save their own skins?

What about our modern countries of today that are able to control what media their citizens can see, what they can say, even what they wear? Take North Korea for example. Kim Jong-un can have you punished to the fourth generation, for speaking out against the government. That means your great-grandchildren can be punished, for something you said. If you try to escape, they will punish any family you left behind. I think most of us would agree that is quite insane.

When we get the rare glimpse inside North Korea, we assume those plastered on fake smiles are out of fear, right? Surely the only way one family can control so many, is because they are shut off from the world. I used to picture most of them as being hostages, held against their will. One might argue this is an isolated situation. Not comparable to the rest of the world. If we could speak to them, they would beg for us to free them, right?

There are no other countries holding it’s citizens hostage. The walls have come down. Open borders. We are the world. Free trade. No tanks in Tiananmen Square. The Russian bear now floating among the stars, with the worlds astronauts, on the International Space Station. Take a vacation in the worlds wealthiest city, high tech Dubai. UK letting in millions of immigrants. Tolerance is the key, we are told.  We must respect all cultures.

Not so quick.

In Russia, President Putin had three members of an all female rock band sentenced to two years in a hard labor camp, for singing a political song in a church. The ladies were protesting the churches support of Putin and his persecution of LGBT individuals. They were charged with “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred”. In Libya, you can be imprisoned and put to death for joining a political party. In China, you can be arrested for taking a picture of anything military and you have to register in any city you travel to, even for only a night. I have a friend who went to work in India for  her company. She returned home after only a couple of months, because she wasn’t allowed to go into public, without a male escort.

In twenty-five Islamic countries, you can be arrested for blasphemy or apostasy. In almost 50 Islamic countries, you can be imprisoned, flogged or executed for being gay. Women are considered half the value of men and in some, are not allowed in public without a burka or hijab.  In Saudi Arabia, women are arrested for driving a car or playing sports or entering a cemetery. In Egypt, they will arrest your entire wedding party, for appearing in your gay marriage video. In Dubai, you can be arrested reporting a rape or public affection, like holding hands. In Morocco, you can be arrested for posting a picture of a couple kissing. Surely they want to be free of this tyranny, right?

So what does any of this have to do with Mr. Zuckerberg and the Nazis? I have been on facebook for several years now. Like many, I quickly became addicted to the ease with which I could connect with family and friends. I made lots of new friends, from all over the world. I enjoyed getting likes on my pictures and sharing stories and my opinions and funny videos. A lot of us get our morning coffee and check in with facebook to see what’s new or who has commented on the previous days discussions. Some of us stay connected all day, checking our phones as our notifications come in.

I have seen the site change drastically over the years. I remember a time when you could scroll through your homepage and see all of your friends’ posts. All the bands you had liked, would be promoting their shows and music. The single guys making you blush or roll your eyes and quickly scroll past a nude woman. Or an atheist friend, sharing a blasphemous picture that made you cringe. Shocking unedited images of war. You could have high debates on any subjects. I’ve been called every name in the book.

As an American, you are used to these things. Free speech reigns supreme. If you don’t like what someone has to say, you change the channel. You delete them from your friends list or unfollow. Or you call them a name back. Or you punch them in the nose. Whatever. What you don’t do is cry for them to be censored. You understand that even if you hate what someone has to say, you stand by their right to say it. That is the key to free speech. At least, we used to understand that.

Before Hitler was the Supreme Chancellor, while in prison for eight months for treason, he wrote a book called Mein Kampf.  It was his autobiography and his vision on how to create a new Germany. It had chapters with titles like War Propaganda, Nation and Race, The National Socialist Movement, Subjects and Citizens, The Struggle of the Early Period – the Significance of the Spoken Word, Philosophy and Organization, Propaganda and Organization and The Right of Emergency Defense. It was basically an instruction manual on how to control a nation, through propaganda. Mein kampf was considered such dangerous knowledge, it was banned after ww2 in Russia, Austria and parts of the UK. It just hit the bookshelves of Germany, in January of 2016.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,”

I always thought if we were ever attacked on our own soil, we would know it. I thought if anyone tried to take our freedom of speech, Americans would stand together as one and fight to the death, as our forefathers fought Britain 240 years ago. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Tyranny isn’t something that happens in one swoop. It can take hundreds of years, as you can see in India and Africa, with the spread of sharia laws. Or it can be done in one generation, with Hitler’s strategies. Getting people to believe it’s being done for their own good and taking them down from within, is the secret.

1-The key is to control education and the minds of the youth. When Hitler took power in 1933, one of the first things he did was to redesign the whole educational structure of Nazi Germany. He had a dozen schools and competition was intense to attend. The children were sent to a camp for two weeks to prove that they were worthy of being part of the Adolf Hitler School system. Some parents saw this as an honor, others sent their children out of the country, as they saw what was coming.   (all too familiar.. “common core”?)


2-Know your propaganda. Keep it simple and keep repeating it.





3-Gun Control. Censorship. If you make a nation believe what you are doing is for the safety of children, they will gladly hand over their most important rights.  (1st false flag- Reichstag fire)




Facebook is the perfect example of how these strategies are being used on American citizens today. It began with their social experiments on us. Remember when marriage equality was enacted in every state and you could make your profile picture have a rainbow over it? They were studying us, to see who would change their picture and then how many of their friends followed suit. Then came the emotion experiment, where they tried to see if they could make certain people depressed. They stopped showing their friends post to them in their news feed and only showed them tragic news articles. Then they monitored the person, to see if they began to share depressing things. Most recently, facebook admitted that its left leaning moderators, had probably been censoring things against their beliefs.

I have been on facebook for almost a decade, with no problems. So far this year, I’m on my third ban. Twice they got me for speaking about the countries with Sharia Laws (hate speech) and once for an inappropriate picture. The thing is, facebook isn’t monitoring our every word and picture. They are counting on our friends to turn us in and then enforcing censorship and punishment.

I joined a British Political group on facebook and I didn’t make it two weeks, without serving a 48 hour ban, for saying something that someone didn’t like. That was when I discovered facebook’s headquarters are based in the UK and they have no free speech protection there. They can arrest you simply for being sarcastic about Islam. Their celebrities and politicians can request to have pictures of themselves removed from media. While some do speak out against the censorship, like British actor Rowan Atkinson, most seem to have the attitude that you should not be able to speak of anything that insults a religion or hurts anyone’s feelings or share any dark comedy.

I felt like I had stepped into the movie Giver, where Katie Holmes is constantly scolding her son with, “Precision of language”, every time he uses a word attached to strong emotion, like love or hate. I feel as though I have entered some Twilight Zone, futuristic world, where they can fire you for wearing Confederate flag underwear or refusing to teach gender fluidity to kindergartners. Where you can be attacked for attending a political rally (Hitlers brown shirts) and the cops won’t help you, cause they agree with the protestors. Where everyone is a winner and colleges need safe spaces and warnings for “trigger words”, that might upset their fragile views of the world. Where I’m a bigot if I don’t want men in the bathroom with me and I’m a racist, if I question our President at all. Where I’m a xenophobic racist if I have a problem with “common core” testing our kids on facts from the quran or I don’t agree with throwing open our borders and having us pay to feed, house and educate the world, or I don’t want people from sharia-controlled countries living next door. I feel like I have stepped though the looking glass and will one day be a rare relic of the past, telling my great grandchildren of a time when we could once say anything we wanted.

Do I see Mark Zuckerberg as a future Hitler? No, I do not. But I do see him as a future George Soros or Bill Gates. A spoiled billionaire, who thinks he can control not only the things he owns, but influence the laws of countries. I certainly see him continuing to push a socialist ideology upon us. He has already tried to control our emotions and did social experiments on us, as his guinea pigs. Now, he dangles the social media so many of us have come to rely on, as a prize for only those who are politically correct. As a prize for only those who agree with popular opinion. We are being trained like chimps, to stop before we press that post button, and decide if what we are saying or the picture we are sharing, will insult anyone.

Is it worth risking losing our voice, to stand for our right to free speech?

Yes it is, my fellow Americans. There is no enemy at our doorsteps that we can take up arms against. The enemy is from within. We must fight tyranny with our words, so we do not have to take up arms. Most importantly, we must stand by our right to free speech, at all cost. We must lead the way, out of the centuries of indoctrination and conditioning that other countries have endured. The United States of America has been a beacon for freedom, for all those around the world escaping dictatorship and persecution. We can not let that fall on our watch, simply because someone got their feelings hurt. Don’t let Mark stomp on our Rights. Help me demand that if Mr. Zuckerberg wants our business, he must recognize the rights of American Citizens, under our Constitution and most importantly, our First Amendment.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I‘ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Demand Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Honor the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution



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    Really ? Honor our American way ? He is a Zionist Jew that is superior to the servant Goyim . Its on his arrogant face . The Jews are a very obvious disease that is evident by looking at our controlled Jew news . Our Israeli citizens as Congressmen and in other high offices . Most trouble spots have the mark of the Jew paw . Cauterize the disease as we have killed enough for the jews

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