Egyptian Muslims burn 80 Christian homes

When Naim Aziz decided to build a home in Al-Beida, he had no idea the construction would cause the Christian village to be destroyed. The village does not have it’s own church, with residents worshipping at the Holy Virgin and the Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church, in a neighboring village. Rumor quickly spread that Naim was turning the house into a church, which he denies.

On June 17th, after Islamic noon prayers, a mob of over a thousand gathered at the construction site. The Muslims destroyed the homes building materials, then beat Naim and his brother, causing serious injury. The mob then proceeded to burn down eighty Christian homes in the village, burn a motorcycle and pulled a priest from his car.

After the arrival of police, six Muslim men were arrested and released by evening. Six Christian men were also arrested and charged with erecting a building without a permit and holding prayers, without permission.

Christian persecution is not new to to the country, since the Muslim conquest of Egypt, 639-642 AD. In recent history, Christians were attacked in the streets, during the coup against the Muslim brotherhood President Morsi in 2013. In Minya, the worst incidents happened in August, when local mobs attacked government buildings, Coptic Christian churches, and a museum, killing dozens, including a number of police officers. The mobs were responding to events in Cairo, where security forces had violently dispersed two sit-ins held in support of Morsi, who had been a longtime leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Almost fifty churches were burned, damaged and looted.

In May of 2016, after rumors of an affair between a Muslim woman and a Christian man, a Muslim mob burned down seven Christian homes and paraded the mans seventy year old mother through the streets, naked.

It is important to remember that sharia laws in Egypt help to encourage these attacks. Blasphemy is illegal in Egypt, as well as twenty-four other Islamic countries. Earlier this year, four teenagers were charged with blasphemy, after creating a video making fun of ISIS. One of the teens was sent to a juvenile detention facility and the other three were given prison sentences of between three and five years.

I ask the free countries of the world to stop ignoring these human rights crimes of religious persecution. Demand Islamic countries abolish their blasphemy laws!

I tell the left leaning people in both the USA and the UK, stop telling us we have to tolerate Islamic culture.

I will never tolerate sharia laws.

-Paul Revere


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