Jihad Verses Immigration

In Southern France, there are now more Islamic mosque, than churches. Thirty percent of children there are now Islamic.  In the larger cities, such as Nice, Marseille and Paris, that number is at 45%. By 2027, one in five Frenchmen, will be Muslim. It is estimated that by 2050, France will be an Islamic country, under sharia rule.

In the Netherlands, half of all newborns are Muslims. If this continues, by 2030 half the population of the Netherlands will be Muslim. One in five Russians is now a Muslim. In Belgium, 25% of the population are now Muslim and half of all newborns are Muslim. Germany is expected to be an Islamic country, by 2050. By 2025, one third of all children born to European families, will be Muslim.

Will we allow the left to continue to bring in thousands of Muslim immigrants to our countries? European borders are literally being flooded. We are told we must respect the culture and sharia laws of our new citizens, above our own Constitutions.

Will we soon be required to allow them to have four wives, as they can in Islamic countries? Will we be required to let them marry children, as they can in many Islamic countries? Will we be required to respect their blasphemy and adultery laws? Homosexuality is illegal in Islamic countries. Should we tolerate that lil bit of culture also?

These Islamic countries that commit human rights crimes, under their sharia laws, get wealthy and spread their “culture” because we allow them to. They get rich off of our money, buying their oil. If all free and socialist countries were to sanction all countries under sharia laws, we could put a stop to this. We need to demand if Islamic countries want our business and to come to our countries, they must end the practice of sharia law. The attacks happening in our countries, are fueled by sharia laws.

We must decide what kind of countries we want to leave for our future generations.

-Paul Revere



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