Sheldon Pushing Facial Recognition?


Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?

Who watches the watchmen? -Juvenal

I wonder if Mr. Parsons knows he is helping to push facial recognition indoctrination on his young fans? When someone says words like Illuminati puppet, I picture Miley Cyrus swinging on her wrecking ball, a cog in a long line of fallen Disney princesses. Or Beyoncé and her Black Panther dancers, musically killing cops and fighting the man. I don’t picture your friendly neighborhood nerd, but he is perfect. A generation of kids and their parents see him as the funny, brainy best friend and Jim stays in perfect Sheldon character, as he peddles their propaganda.

It was a perfect choice to have him use mockery. Treating the guard like he is stupid or behind everyone else, because he isn’t using their True Key facial recognition on his computer. Making it seem perfectly normal, that your computer should be able to recognize your face. The same way Facebook made it seem normal, when they gave us the feature to tag your friends in pictures, by suggesting for us who those friends were.

Even today, it seems futuristic to think of a world where we are tracked, everywhere we go. Sounds like the latest science fiction movie. Yet in the UK, over 70% of retail stores use some form of technology to track their customers and 30% of that is facial recognition. Those numbers are also rising across Canada and the USA. Last year in Oklahoma, Walmart tried out facial recognition on their customers, matching them up to known shoplifters. Walmart didn’t bother to warn their customers. I don’t know about you, but I probably wouldn’t walk into a store that had a big sign out front saying, “We are using facial recognition on you and creating a database to track you.” Nope.

I am all for the National database of violent criminals. But when you are talking about a database of citizens, who can be tracked everywhere they go, that is a whole other story. An Orwellian one. President Bush expanded their power on phone tapping, with the Patriot Act. President Obama continues to sign the Patriot Act (now the Freedom Act) and gave them the power to record our calls and e-mails, without warrant. Obama also expanded the NSA, created a domestic terror list that included vets and “Constitutionalist”, and he signed for drones over our skies. When the Face First facial recognition guy is talking about placing their cameras on “unmanned, aerial aircraft” that is what he is talking about. Drones. So Big Brother has been stripping rights, while pushing on us the normalcy of being under constant surveillance. We shouldn’t be upset about being tracked, it’s for our own safety and comfort.

What’s really weird, is they are already taking it to a level even creepier than stalking us. They are working on technology to literally track our behavior and moods, through our facial features and expressions. Not only would the deli lady  at Walmart know your name as you approached, she could have access to your personal information, beyond what you had for lunch last week. She could already know you were in a bad mood when you came through the door and maybe you need to stroll to the pharmacy, cause you sneezed twice. Which means that cop wearing the google glasses with facial recognition, might be able to pull up not only your criminal record as you walked past, but the bathing suit pic you posted this morning on facebook.

That sounds extreme, I know. But who is monitoring what information they are allowed to gather about us? Those who are supposed to be guarding our rights under the Constitution, certainly are not doing so.  Kids are not being taught their rights in our schools. We’ve got an entire generation who think it’s perfectly normal to share their every move and personal information, with everyone they know and the random people on their friends list. They have grown up with cameras in every store.  They don’t understand invasion of privacy or their own rights. They are taught that if they are doing nothing wrong, they shouldn’t mind. Sheldon says be cool, lock your computer with your face. It’s fun.

If we do not want future generations to live in a world where their every move is tracked not only by Big Brother, but the Walmart, then we need to speak up now. We need to stop being afraid of being mocked or called names, and help educate.  We need to ask, “Who watches the watchmen?”

-Paul Revere



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