Swexit -Will Sweden Save its Citizens from Islamic Invasion?

Imagine living in a small town, with a population of only 900, and having 400 people who followed sharia laws brought to live among you. Suddenly your town would be full of people who were used to being able to arrest, stone, flog and execute you for things like blasphemy against the Quran, apostasy, adultery, and being gay. People who come from countries like Somalia and Afghanistan, where women are not allowed to go into public without a male relative or a burka. Where child brides and honor killing are normal. Where a woman needs four male witnesses to report a rape, or she is charged with adultery.

That is exactly what has been happening all over the UK. Sweden has been hit hard, with 165,000 immigrants in 2015 and another 70,000 to 140,000 expected in 2016. Once peaceful villages, where the citizens could trace their forefathers for many generations, are now also home to Muslims, who are trying to enforce sharia laws.

Rape has risen 1500% since the arrival of immigrants. Women are chased down the streets to chants of “whore and slut”, because of their clothing. There are at least fifty five no-go zones in Sweden, where even the police and fire and rescue will not enter, under fear of attacks. Muslim immigrants live separately, with their Imans enforcing the sharia laws, as they have established in other places such as India and Africa.

Should the nine and a half million citizens of Sweden be expected to continue to welcome thousands of Muslims, who demand the Swiss people pay for their housing, food and healthcare? Are the citizens of Sweden “racist” and “xenophobic”, for wanting to preserve their own cultures and laws? Does Sweden have a right to protect their own borders?

Can Sweden save it’s citizens from Islamisation, if they follow in the footsteps of Brexit, with their own Swexit?

-Paul Revere






















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