Welcome to Sweden- where everything is racist

Is political correctness enabling Islam to invade our free countries?

All across the world words like racist, Islamophobic, bigot, and xenophobia are being used to silence anyone who speaks about Islamic culture and sharia laws. The majority of Islamic countries are ruled by some form of sharia laws, and can arrest, stone and execute you for a range of crimes, including blasphemy, adultery, and being gay. In some, women are not allowed to drive or play sports or dance or go out in public, without a male relative and a hijab or burka.

In Iran, they have arrested musicians for blasphemy in their songs. In Indonesia and Egypt, they have arrested people for mocking ISIS, considering that blasphemy as well.  Even in the wealthy Dubai you can be arrested for blasphemy, as the drummer for the Scorpions found out, when he spent a month in their prison.

So don’t visit Saudi Arabia, some would say. It doesn’t effect the citizens of our free countries. Not so quick.

How would you feel if your child came home from school with a test from the Quran? That is what is happening in the USA, with President Obamas common core. In the United States, the Bible has been illegal since 1963 in public schools. Now, with the introduction of the Democrats common core education reforms, one religion is getting special privileges. Any parent who objects is deemed racist.

President Obama wrote in his own book that he would stand with the Muslims, should the political winds change, and he has worked hard to prove it. Mr. Obama has armed the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Iran. He refuses to remove Cair and Hamas from the terror list, regardless the world has already done so, even the UAE. Farrakhan is allowed to have his annual Million Man March gatherings, on the DC National Mall.  A Nation of Islam leader, who preaches for black people to rise up and kill white people. Beyoncé and her Nation of Islam Black Panther dancers, during the American Super bowl halftime show.

Democrats attacking Donald Trump rallies, beating people in the streets and blocking highways. The left leaning police force of San Jose, California ignoring the attacks. The left demanding amnesty for illegal aliens and releasing almost 100,000 criminal illegal aliens from prisons. The left, demanding it’s citizens pay for thousands of immigrants to come there, and pay for housing, food, education and healthcare for people who follow sharia laws.

Meanwhile in the UK, they tried to ban Donald Trump for wanting to protect the United States borders, while letting in millions of un-vetted Muslims from countries like Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria.  All across cities in the UK on New Years Eve, women were sexually attacked by immigrants. In Sweden, rape has risen by 1500%, placing them 3rd in the world and 1st in the UK for the crime. You are called an xenophobic racist, if you point out the fact that in almost all Islamic countries, the rape victim is arrested for adultery, unless she has four male witnesses.

All across social media in the UK, anyone who supports Brexit is deemed an xenophobic racist, by the 48% who voted to remain.

Will we continue to be silenced and censored about Islam, by people who can’t name two sharia laws?

One Swedish citizen is speaking out.

Check out –Angry Foreigner


-Paul Revere





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