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It is very strange looking at pictures of Iran, from before their Islamic revolution in 1979. The women look very similar to pictures of the USA and the UK, from the same decades.  They looked like typical hippie, college kids from the 70’s, with their disco music and bell bottom jeans. Their Queen looked like a movie star. Iran had the biggest major airport in Western Asia, during the 1970’s. Rock stars and diplomats were visiting Iran. How could everything change so drastically? Islam

There are two major sects of Islam, Sunni and Shiite, and a Sunni sub-sect, Wahhabi. The Sunnis seem to be the more moderate and can be found living in free countries and the secular ones, like Turkey, Jordan and Algeria. Sunnis seem to range from Muslims who don’t know what sharia laws are, to Muslims who look down upon people who don’t follow sharia laws; but they don’t strictly enforce them.

Iran was once ruled by the Sunnis, before it was taken over by the Shiites. Wahhabi is more Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Iran is mostly Shiite. They have all been carrying on a religious war for 1400 years, since the 6th century. But when it comes to women, there is something they all have in common. In Islam, women are considered half the value of a man.

The Morality Police patrol the streets of Iran, looking for women not wearing their hijab properly. Usually, the women receive a fine of about $250. and often, their cars are impounded. More recently, traffic police were also authorized to patrol for women without their hijab or “over-speaking”.  The Iranian government is also going after the clothing manufacturers, for offering non-approved fashion.

It has been thirty seven years, since the implementation of strict sharia laws in Iran. Thirty seven years, since millions of Iranian women took to the streets, to protest the forced hijab. Many Iranian women have accepted their servitude, and even help to enforce sharia. But there also exist in Iran, some very brave, strong women. Women who remember what freedom tasted like. And women of a new generation, who see that freedom through computers and media, and want to taste it.

The women of Iran are protesting in a unique, dangerous way. They take pictures and videos of themselves, without their hijab, and they post it to social media. The Morality Police are literally hunting them down and arresting the women, for their instagrams.

As we battle our borders being flooded with immigrants, and politicians pushing tolerance and political correctness. As we grow more frustrated and angry over the censorship of anyone telling the truth about Islamic culture and sharia laws. As we watch our political rallies attacked. As we watch our cities attacked. As we watch a majority of Muslims in our free countries remain silent, to the human rights crimes of sharia laws.

It is simple to forget, that there are those who are forced to live under sharia laws, who do not want to. It is simple to forget, their countries have not always been under sharia laws, and some of them remember a period of a more modernized society, if not Westernized.

The ladies of Iran, who are risking everything to stand for their freedom, are not unlike our forefathers in the USA, who sought the same.

I stand with the ladies of My Stealthy Freedom.

-Paul Revere


Iran- Before 1979












Iranian Fashion of the 1970s (2)



Iranian Fashion of the 1970s (12)















Paul McCartney in Iran-1968



Miss Iran-1967



Empress Soraya


Iran- After 1979

Millions of women protesting forced hijab























A handout picture released by the official website of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on February 17, 2014 shows Iranian women and a girl holding up portraits of him during a meeting in Tehran. Iran's top decision-maker Khamenei said today that while he is not against a resumption of nuclear negotiations with the world's major powers, the talks will "lead nowhere". AFP PHOTO / HO / IRANIAN SUPREME LEADER'S WEBSITE === RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / HO / IRANIAN SUPREME LEADER'S WEBSITE" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS ==-/AFP/Getty Images

Iran Morality Police








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