Should the World Continue to Feel Sorry for France?

A priest had his head chopped off in France this morning. The world is horrified. I am not. I know what a sharia law is. I have educated myself to the 1400 years of Islamic slaughter and invasion.

Why would a country throw open its borders and let over a million people who follow sharia laws in, without asking exactly what a sharia law is? This is called common sense.

In twenty-five Islamic countries, you can be imprisoned, flogged, stoned or executed for apostasy. That means leaving Islam. In forty-six Islamic countries, you et the same for blasphemy. That means insulting Islam. Arrested in forty-six for being gay. Forty-six for adultery. Some Islamic countries will allow you to own one Bible, but if you are caught with more or trying to convert a Muslim, it’s jail or death.

In Egypt, Muslims are burning down Christian homes and carrying naked Christian women through the streets. Yet, I am supposed to feel sorry for a country that invited the enemy in? A country that threatens to ban Donald Trump, for wanting to temporarily halt immigration from sharia controlled countries. Yet, let’s in thousands of un-vetted immigrants, demanding we respect their sharia laws and cultures of polygamy and child marriage.

I joined several political groups for the UK. I was banned from most, for speaking the truth about Islam. They have no protection for free speech. Their world seems to be censored through political correctness, controlled by peoples hurt feelings. I would compare the UK right now, to a country full of Democrats. Screaming insults, at anyone who points out facts they don’t know. A few intelligent souls, fighting to speak the truth, and to stand for the rights of their own cultures.

I have great respect for the people of the UK. For the people of France. If it weren’t for French ancestors, who came to America and helped stand with us during the American Revolution, we might not even have a country. Not one with the right to free speech and to protect ourselves anyhow, unlike the UK. I am scared for the UK. Especially France right now, with an attack every other week, it seems. But I am also angry. It seems like many UK citizens do not see the USA as allies.

Instead, they are allowing almost a hundred sharia courts in their countries. Instead, they are flooding their own cities with people who follow sharia laws.  Instead, they are screaming racist xenophobic, at anyone speaking the facts about sharia laws. Instead, they are surprised when a Christian priest gets his throat slit.

Will the UK wake up in time? Should I continue to feel sorry for countries that refuse to protect their own borders, and demand we not protect ours either? Should we continue to feel sorry for countries that don’t know ISIS is only carrying out sharia laws? Carrying on the fourteen year war, between sunni and Shiite Muslims? Should we continue to support and feel sorry, for countries that are bringing about their own demise? It is getting more and more difficult my friends.

-Paul Revere

R.I.P Jacques Hamel







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