Ibtihaj Muhammad -American or Traitor?

Ibtihaj Muhammad will go down in history as the first American hijab wearing Olympic contender. Ibtihaj owns her own womens clothing company in California, featuring Islamic fashion. Ibtihaj claims she feels unsafe, in her home of New York, because of un-Islamic attitudes.

Yet  Ibtihaj had no issues with taking a picture, mocking Islamic decapitation.

Can someone please inform Miss Muhammad that she is free to move to Saudi Arabia, where she wouldn’t even be allowed to drive a car, much less play sports.

Can someone please inform Miss Muhammad, that in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Islamic North Africa, her hijab would be enforced. She could be fined, imprisoned, flogged, stoned or executed, for not covering her hair, arms and shoulders.

Can someone please inform Miss Muhammad that in Islam, women are considered half the value of men. By profiting from her sales of clothing with captions such as “hijab My Right,My Choice, My Life” and “Everything is better in hijab” and “future hijabi” and “Got Hijab”, she is encouraging the enslavement of women.

Can someone please inform Miss Muhammad that slavery was legal in Saudi Arabia until 1962 and in Mauritania, Africa until 1981. Muslims ran the slave trade from Africa to India, from the 8th to 18th centuries.  Black people are not even allowed to hold public office in Islamic countries.

By encouraging sharia laws, Muhammad is supporting the enslavement of the million slaves, that remain in Islamic North Africa today.

Can someone please inform Miss Muhammad, that she is welcome to compete in the next Olympics as a Middle Eastern or Islamic North African contender, where she can live under those sharia laws she respects so much.

-Paul Revere






Louella by Ibtihaj Muhammad


hijabi pride


Muslim-American Olympian feels unsafe ‘all the time’ in U.S.



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