Afghanistan -American University Attack

Explosions, gunfire and screams of terror, rang through the halls of the American University of Afghanistan Wednesday. The college came under siege, as two gunmen carried out a coordinated attack. Over 700 students were on campus when the 10 hour attack began. Many students and teachers were trapped inside the buildings.

Police eventually killed both gunmen. Seven students, three policemen and two security guards were killed. Thirty people were injured.

The assault came only weeks after two professors were abducted, an American and an Australian. The men have not been recovered.

-Paul Revere



Few Americans study at the school, a senior US State Department official told CNN, but a number of Americans serve on the faculty and may be trapped inside buildings. The school is regarded as a symbol of cooperation between Afghanistan and the United States.

Kabul siege: 12 killed in attack on American University

AUAF Attack

Afghan special forces backed by U.S. military advisers were sweeping a college campus in Kabul on Wednesday after a militant attack rocked the  American University of Afghanistan

Attack on American University in Kabul Ends


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