Islamweb Cartoon Teaches Kids About Gender Segregation

It is the largest Islamic school in the city. It was very important to find a house near this model school, so that you could join it, instead of enrolling in the public school.

“What is wrong with the public schools, Grandpa?”

They allow mixing between boys and girls, which is against our religions’ teaching. There is a lot of evil and temptation around us and Islam helps us protect ourselves from all that.

One of those ways of evil, is mixing between males and females, who are not allowed to do so.

This very often leads to bad relationships and sin.

“But Grandpa, I see boys and girls mixing everywhere in our society.  What am I going to do when I go to University? There aren’t any Islamic Universities, are there?”

That is why I am so keen on sending you to an Islamic school. You will grow up, getting used to avoid mixing.  When you go to the University, it will be natural for you to keep away from the prohibited mixing with women.

Whenever a man and a woman meet in private, against the teachings of Islam, the devil will be their third.

As you know, the devil only encourages us to do sin and bad deeds. We have heard over and over about the terrible things that happen, between the un-Islamic mixing of men and women.

Day after day, we hear about more violence against girls and women. And I want to keep you away from all these terrible things, so that you can live in peace and safety, and to be successful in your studies.

“You want to keep me away from the terrible things.” Good Morals= Mixing between men and women



In many Islamic countries, gender segregation is the law. In Saudi Arabia, a woman can not stand in the same line as a man. There are malls with entire floors just for women. Saudi Arabia is creating an all female city. A British man was arrested, for accidentally using a register meant for women.

Top Western chains adhere to the Sharia laws, such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC, DAIRY Queen, Taco Bell, Red Lobster. Women are not allowed to pray with men in Mosque.

In Germany, Muslims are pushing for segregated public swimming pools.

In the USA, Obamas common core Islam lesson test children on how to be a righteous woman.

The Quran says, Men are the managers of the affairs of women and righteous women are obedient.

How far will the world let Islamic indoctrination and gender segregation spread?

-Paul Revere


Iran deploys ski police at country’s slopes enforce segregation of men and women


‘Saudi Arabian women banned from Starbucks after collapse of gender segregation wall’

Saudi Arabia Red Lobster family entrance

Gender-segregated Education in Saudi Arabia:

Women Only: Saudi Arabia Further Segregates Society

Segregation in Saudi ArabiaNo men allowed!


Following a recent NSW tribunal ruling that separate seating could be unlawful, men and women were directed to sit apart at the United Muslims of Australia event at Olympic Park. Steel barriers were used to split the auditorium seating, with women directed to the left and men to the right

Obama-Common core gender control


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