Why is a Church in Durham Busing in Protesters to Charlotte, NC?




Christ Central Church at 804 Old Fayetteville St. in Durham, NC is also home to Black Lives Matter chapter, the Durham Solidarity Center.

Everyday since the protest and violent riots began in Charlotte,  they have organized buses traveling to Marshall Park in Charlotte, to take part in the chaos. The Group provide supplies for their professional protesters and will pay up to $1000 of the rioters bail, if they get arrested.

Violent riots broke out in Charlotte after police officer Brentley Vinson shot and killed African American Keith Lamont Scott. Though Officer Vinson is also an African American, Scotts daughter and brother were live streaming that “evil white devils” had killed Mr. Scott, before conformation of death even arrived.

Mr. Scotts daughter streamed live for over an hour as events unfolded, stopping to cry for five minutes when conformation of her fathers death came, which is the only minutes of the video news stations have shown. The rest of the video is the family and neighbors screaming slurs at the police officers, accusing them of being rapist and telling black officers to quit obeying their white masters. Threats were made to burn down the city. Within hours, the crowd grew to hundreds and spilled onto the highway, behind their apartments. Innocent drivers were attacked and fires set, as tear gas was eventually needed to disperse the crowd.

By the following evening, thousands had gathered in downtown Charlotte to protest police violence, many admitting they had traveled from Durham and Atlanta.

Very quickly, the crowd protesting violence  turned violent on each other, as one protester fatally shot another in the head. Store windows were brazenly busted in and  looted, people running with cases of beer and free tennis shoes. A young white man is taped being dragged into a parking garage by a dozen black men, beating & undressing him, as he tries to defend himself and escape. Throughout the night, police are forced to deploy tear gas and flash bombs, to calm the crowd.  The protesters resembled a scene from a zombie movie, as they eventually spread onto the highway and attempted to attack drivers.

As the third day of protest began and the rest of us grabbed our popcorn to watch the show, Charlotte residents claimed to feel as though they were preparing for war.  Gun sales soared as a night fell over a tense city, that was now under a state of emergency.  I’m sure they were wondering if the purge was about to become a surreal reality.

That was the night the South surprised the world, by breaking the stereotypes and standing together in peace. Charlotte must have decided the George Soros professional protesters being shipped in, weren’t going to destroy their city. The downtown streets of Charlotte became filled with local residents of all races, marching together in unity. The riots the world had been anticipating, became a singing street party, offering free hugs.

It quickly became obvious the Ferguson and Baltimore show we were expecting, was turning into something very positive. Instead of being given their “Space to destroy”, people from all races and walks of life were marching around the city block, hand in hand. Many were making a point to speak and shake hands with the police officers and national guard members. Each time tensions would rise and a fight would break out or water bottles thrown at police, the crowd would put a stop to it. Instead of gangs attacking people, gangs chanting one love, enforced peace.

Day four saw the release of a tape shot by the victims wife, Rakeyia Scott, as the shooting of her husband happened. Mrs. Scott can be heard screaming, “”Don’t shoot him. He has no weapon,”. In the background, police officers can be heard screaming, “Drop the gun!”. Did he have a gun or not, became the topic of discussion, as protesters gathered. Once again, Charlotte came through the night with class.

I see a city that is fighting hard to break the mold of racial separation. I see a city that is demanding honest answers. I see a city that is being attacked by out of town BLM members, chanting Nation of Islam and Farrakhans, “No justice, No peace”. I see a city flying Pan-African flags, instead of Constitutional American flags. I see a city that needs to demand Durham stop sending their professional protesters to cause violence.

Stay strong in the South. The eyes of the world are upon you. Break out your American flags and force Durham professional protesters to butt the hell out.

-Paul Revere




Black Lives Matter Chapters- Durham, NC


Black Lives Matter- The Durham Solidarity Center is shared office, resource, and work space that seeks to support grassroots social justice efforts in the Triangle. Located in the Hayti Heritage Center in the Fayetteville Street corridor of Durham, the Solidarity Center is entirely supported by individual monthly contributions.  It is run and supported by volunteers.


Durham Solidarity Center-


Durham 2 Charlotte Solidarity Caravan Saturday


Hard Times Are Fighting Times: People’s Caravan to Charlotte!


Also at the same address- Christ Central Church


Hayti community- also at the same address


























Gathering for the buses Saturday















His live stream Youtube channel


Workers World Party Durham Branch






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