Uncensored Cell Footage-Nahed Hattar Assassinated in Jordan, while on Trial for Blasphemy Against ISIS

Tweet that got Nahed Hattar arrested for blasphemy



Blasphemy is illegal in forty six Islamic countries

Nahed Hattar, a member of Jordans Christian minority, was shot three times outside a courthouse, where he was on trial for blasphemy. Mr. Hattar had been arrested in August, after sharing a cartoon on twitter that offended Muslims. Within hours of posting, a public outcry began against him. Mr. Hattar attempted to explain his insult had been towards ISIS, but was charged with blasphemy regardless.

Jordan is not the first Islamic country to arrest someone for making fun of ISIS. In May of 2016, Egypt convicted five teenagers to three to five years in prison,  for making a video mocking ISIS. In 2014, Indonesia arrested Jakarta Post editor Meidyatama Suryodiningrat,  for publishing a cartoon mocking ISIS.

It is important to remember that while Jordan is supposedly a secular country, it still adheres to sharia laws. For example, the testimony of two women, is equal to that of one mans.  Adult male relatives (uncles, brothers, grandfathers) may also petition Jordanian courts for a travel hold on their unmarried adult female relatives.

In Jordan, if someone is convicted of apostasy (leaving Islam), the Islamic courts adjudicating matters of personal status have the power to void the person’s marriage and deny his/her right to inherit from a spouse and from Muslim relatives.

Attepting to convert a Muslim is illegal in Jordan. A person could also be subjected to accusations of apostasy with all its consequences for activities other than conversion.  In 2010, Jordanian poet Islam Samhan was accused of apostasy for poems he wrote.

Laws against adultery or breaches of modesty may be used against homosexual travelers. Gay and lesbian Jordanians frequently hide their sexuality, especially from family members. Family members who discover that a relative is LGBTI may target them for “honor” killing.

Living in a free country, it’s hard to imagine not being able to question your government in forty six countries. Living in a free country, it’s hard to imagine a set of laws, being imposed as the national religion.

While Nahed Hattar never got his day in court, the question the world should be asking, is should Mr. Hatter have been on trial for blasphemy in the first place?

-Paul Revere




PHOTOS: Jordanian Writer Nahed Hattar Assassinated outside Supreme Court

PHOTOS: Jordanian Writer Nahed Hattar Assassinated outside Supreme Court










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