Trump Supporter Cell Phone View of Being Attacked by BLM Mob-Warning Graphic

This kid was attacked in El Cajun, California, during the BLM protest, after police killed an African American man.  who had been acting as though he had a gun.

Alfred Olango, 38, pulled a vaping device from his pocket and pointed it at police Tuesday before one officer fatally shot him and another discharged a Taser, El Cajon police said.
His death set off demonstrations in the San Diego suburb as activists demanded authorities release video of the shooting. They also want a federal probe into Olango’s death.
Protesters stopped cars and broke windows Thursday night, according to El Cajon police. A motorcyclist was knocked off his bike during the confrontation. Some threw glass bottles at police and pepper balls were used to disperse crowds, they said.
The woman calling 911 on Mr. Orlango behaving irrationally, claimed to be the his sister.
Protest broke out with hours. Several episodes of violence occurred, against innocent people. El Cajun is attempting to keep the peace and the city waits in tense anticipation, as the weekend approaches.
I believe it is past time to label Black Lives Matter as a terrorist group, as they represent not only African Americans, but the Nation of Islam. BLM chapters are sending in bus loads of protesters and paying their bails up to $1000, as they have done at past protest.
We agree the police are being militarized, but
When did the United States become a land of people who were allowed to ignore the Constitution and free speech rights?
When did it become ok for a mob to attack someone over a hat?
-Paul Revere
Anti-cop mob attacks Trump supporter
Police: Man killed by officer pointed vaping device, not gun
El Cajon Protests Grow Violent as Protesters Smash Windows Following Confrontation

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