Meet the Beautiful Women of Israel Who Fight Palestines Hamas

Israel is about the size of New Jersey and is the only country left in the middle east that hasn’t fallen to sharia laws. The tiny country borders the Islamic countries of Lebanon in the north, the Golan Heights and Syria in the northeast, the West Bank and Jordan in the east, the Gaza Strip and Egypt in the southwest.

In Israel, women are considered equal to men. If any of their border countries were to gain control, they would fall to sharia laws.

In Islam, women are half the value of men and treated as minors. The testimony of two women, equals that of one man. In many Islamic countries, women are forced to cover their hair and bodies, they can’t own property or businesses or request divorce, they need a males permission to leave the country, they need a male escort in public, forced marriages. In some, the women are under complete gender segregation and not even allowed to stand in the same line as a man.

For example, all of the countries surrounding Israel, can arrest you for adultery, being gay, blasphemy by insulting Islam in any way or for trying to convert a muslim.

Gaza is ruled by Hamas, under strict sharia laws. Israel has long been in a land dispute with the people of the Gaza Strip, in deciding what is or isn’t a part of Palestine. Palestine is mentioned in the old Testament and the Torah, which date at least 1500 years before the birth of Muhammad.

After fourteen hundred years of Islamic invasion throughout the Middle East, Israel has been forced to take harsh measures to protect its culture and rights.

Those who stand with Palestine, do not seem to understand at all what they are asking the people of Israel to give up.

Maybe seeing some of the beautiful, strong women who risk their lives to keep their freedom and country, would help them to understand.

To those that stand with Palestine, explain to the women of Israel why they should don a burka and bow down to Islam. Explain to them why they should be considered half the value of a man. Explain to them why their entire lives should be controlled by Islam. Explain to them why they should throw open their borders to Islamic countries and give up their way of life. To prove to you they aren’t racist or bigots?

The women of Israel are putting their lives on the line, to show you they will not bow to sharia.

-Paul Revere









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