Mother of Australian Terrorist Teen Slaps Reporter

“Behead all those who insult the prophet”


Two Australian teenagers have been arrested for plotting a terrorist attack.

The stepfather of one of the teens is a convicted terrorist. In 2014, he had taken the then 14 year old teenager to the Hyde Park riots, where he carried a sign that read- “Behead all those who insult the prophet “.

Also in 2014,  the the teens high school- East Hills Boys High School,   experienced graffiti reading

“ISIS R coming”

While being questioned by a reporter, the boys mother took a swipe at the woman, instead of answering questions or walking away peacefully.

Australia has experienced several Islamic attacks over the past few years, with immigration in high numbers from sharia controlled countries,  such as Syria and Somalia.

-Paul Revere




Mother of teen











Accused teen terrorist with his mother and brother 2014



Brother of accused terrorist teen









Accused terrorist mother-wife of convicted terrorist who took part in the 2014 Hyde Park Riots, with his then 14 year old step-son.





The teens high school 2014









Australia links teens charged with terror act to ISIS

Two Australian Teens Charged With Planning an ISIS-Inspired Attack- Both teenagers were already known to Australian counterterrorism police. One of the boys is reportedly the son of a convicted terrorist, AAP reports

Teen terrorism suspect with bayonet vowed to outdo Curtis Cheng shooting: police

Teen bayonet terrorism suspect was ‘burning’ at police raid two years ago

Two Sydney Schoolboys Charged Over “ISIS Inspired” Beheading Plot

Bankstown terror raid: Sydney cops get teens wielding bayonets

The teens high school 2014-This graffiti “ISIS R coming” was one of several sprayed at East Hills Boys High School

The same teen attended the 2012 Hyde Park Riots holding a sign reading: “Behead all those who insult the prophet”.


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