Dear President Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)


We the People took a huge gamble on you. All we ask is that you stand by the American Constitution. Try to restore the many rights that Obama removed. A list of suggestions, though you have already mentioned a few.

1- Overturn the 2012 NDAA and arrest all who committed treason by signing it, from both parties. The only time in history a President has gotten away with giving the government the right to imprison and murder American citizens, without trial.

The only time our government have gotten away with having four Americans murdered, without trial, including a sixteen year old kid. (You should probably discuss this one with Rand or Ron Paul).

2- Overturn Obama signing for drones over our skies. Our police stations are already getting them, armed with mace and rubber bullets.

3- Overturn where Obama gave them the right to record our calls and e-mails, without warrant.

4- Overturn where Obama modified the Smith-Mundt Act, nullifying the propaganda bill we have had since the forties.

5- Remove Obamas education reforms from our schools. Common core is forcing American children to be tested from the Quran. Democrats obviously don’t care about separation of church and state, when it comes to the religion of “peace”.

6- Stop the Iran deal. Sanctioned for thirty years, after the Shiite coup against Sunni muslims. Strict sharia laws enforced. Obama made a deal with the country who’s Constitution calls for jihad against the West. Obama paid them billions in ransom. Iran then turned around and armed the Yemen Houthi rebels, that are attacking our ships.

7- Stop Monsanto from using us as lab rats, with their GMOs. Or at least require labeling for them; as those parts of the world where they aren’t banned do.  Remove Monsantos ex-VP, Michael Taylor, from our FDA. Obama never should have placed him there.

8- Overturn Obamas executive order to experiment on us with geoengineering, in the name of climate change. Defund Climate Change programs within the UN.

9- Obama expanded the NSA. If you could reverse it, that would be great.

10- Send Putin a gift.  Extradite George Soros to Russia, to stand trial for attempting to pull a silent coup over at least fifteen countries, including our own  and trying to break the Bank of England. We all know he has been Obama and Hillarys’ puppetmaster.  Helping to fund the BLM matters riots, through groups like moveon and thinkprogress.

11- Have an independent investigation into Hillarys e-mails and the six billion tax dollars she lost, while Head of State.

12- Place CAIR, ,Hamas and Black Lives Matter on the terror list. The rest of the world has the first two on theirs, even the UAE. And all three have Muslim Brotherhood ties.

13- Remove veterans, gun owners and Constitutionalist from the terrorist profile.

14- Overturn Obamacare, of course. Really just Hillarycare anyhow, from the 90’s. Both times backed by George Soros.

16- Stop all immigration from sharia controlled countries, especially Syria and Somalia. We would like to see you sanction all 46 countries under sharia; and support only the secular. 46 Islamic countries enforce the same sharia laws as ISIS. Imprison, flog, stone or execute you crimes such as blasphemy, being gay, adultery, sex outside of marriage, public affection,  drinking alcohol. In 23 Islamic countries, you can be arrested just for leaving Islam. Women are half the value of men, in all fifty. Allen West would be the perfect man to consult on this one.

17- Help the UK stand strong in the Brexit vote. They are under immigration jihad and half of them don’t even realize it.

18- Help the Coptic Christians of Egypt, who are being persecuted.  Our relations have been bad with them, ,since Obama and Hillary helped arm Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi, whom they are executing now.

18- Audit the Federal Reserve. Stop letting them use our military to place central banks.

Congratulations Mr. President. You got this. Make us proud.  Please don’t turn out to be a Trojan horse.

-We the People




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