Seven year old Trump Supporter Tortured by Hillary Supporting Mom

Is you voted for Donald Trump? You can get your shit and get out!

My eyes tear and my stomach feels sick, as I watch this young man have his spirit destroyed, by his own Hillary worshipping mother.

I now understand why the brilliant Dr.  Carson and Allen West, were called Uncle Toms.  Because lower IQ’s were instructed to do so, and to force everyone around them to also.

These are not people who have listened to the speeches of Carson and West. They didn’t watch the movie about Dr. Carsons life or read his books. They couldn’t tell you how strongly Dr. Carson stands by the Constitution. They couldn’t tell you about Mr. West twenty years of military service or his knowledge of sharia laws and Islamic invasion.

This Democrat mother couldn’t tell you about the six billion tax dollars Hillary lost, while Secretary of State. She doesn’t know the Communist Party endorsed both Hillarys husband and Obama. She doesn’t know George Soros has been funding them both since the early 1990’s. She doesn’t know Hillary took 12 billion from sharia controlled Morocco or 11 billion from Saudi Arabia, where women are half the value of men.

This Democrat mother would demand we all worship Obama, when she still hasn’t even read the mans books.

This Democrat mother would choose a rich, old white lady, ,over the mental stability of her own son.

Classic socialist indoctrination.

Tribal mentality.

Conditioning perpetual victims.

We must show her young son that pitching a tantrum like his mother, does not get your way.

Attacking people in the streets and blocking highways, does not overturn democratically elected Presidents.

We must show her son that protecting our own borders and standing against sharia laws, is not racist.

We must show her young son that we stand for his free speech rights, against bullies like his mother.

Someone please save this poor child.

-Paul revere

Your suitcase is packed by da door. Been packed since this morning. Bye. Get your sign, so when the people see you standing outside, they know why you out there. You wanna vote for him? I’m gonna show you. Here’s your suitcase. Bye. We don’t do Donald trump here. Go. Bye Donald Trump lover. Why did you vote for him in school? Cause you saw him on tv? Well I hope you find a new tv to watch him on cause you can’t come back here.

“Mama! Mama please!”

No! You voted for Donald Trump. Bye.

                                                                                                                                                                       –Democrat mother to her seven year old son


Texas Mother Threatens to Kick Out Son, 7, Because He Voted For Trump at School

Mom ‘kicks out’ son for voting Trump in school’s mock election

democrat mother to 7 year old- You Vote for Him, You Get Out




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