Islamic Immigrants Outnumber Citizens on Greek Island of Kos

Migrant ‘hotspots’ a flashpoint on Greek island of Kos

“On an island where hundreds of millions of euros have been invested for tourism they can’t create these so-called hotspots without asking the opinion of residents,” said hotelier Yannis Mastromichalis.

Tourists, migrants share Greek island

Migrant crisis: Greece ready to house more on islands

Tiny Greek isle of Kos is on the frontline of the migrant crisis




A dinghy with tourists enters the port of Kos as migrants and refugees with temporary documents wait for a ferry to take them to Athens, August 14, 2015.United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) called on Greece to take control of the “total chaos” on Mediterranean islands, where thousands of migrants have landed. About 124,000 have arrived this year by sea, many via Turkey



Syrian refugees from Kobani pose for a “selfie”, moments after arriving on a dinghy on the island of Lesbos, Greece August 23, 2015. Greece, mired in its worst economic crisis in generations, has been found largely unprepared for a mass influx of refugees, mainly Syrians. Arrivals have exceeded 160,000 this year, three times as high as in 2014. The crisis has exposed massive shortages in Greece’s available facilities, but also striking discord within the European Union on how to handle the humanitarian crisis.





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