Welcome to Islamic Italy

Italy rescues 4,500 migrants from Mediterranean in just one day


1000 migrants rescued on Friday: Italy coastguard

According to the United Nations, more than 5,000 people died last year in attempts to cross the Mediterranean and reach Europe, most of them after embarking from the Libyan coast after paying people smugglers.


Italy’s anti-mafia squad in overdrive as asylum seekers flood into Europe


Sexual Attacks Widen Divisions in European Migrant Crisis

Chineses Arab Race Wars in Italy


Why is Italy seeing a record number of migrants?


Amid Record Waves of Refugees, Italy Finding Limits to Its Compassion


Italy’s prime minister has signed a memorandum of understanding with Libya to curb the flow of migrants to Europe.


MAI sends helicopter in Italy mission to fight illegal migration and cross-border crime


Sudan, Italy sign MoU to stem crime and irregular migration




















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7 Responses

  1. Tony. says:

    Regarding the refugee or the islamic in italy or. Usa the govern should not allow them to let them in i will never forget about. 911
    Fuori tutti.

  2. Segismundo says:

    Ocupy…ROME,, thats the main goal!,, burn the churches, distroy the sculpture, And FOOLS italians permit it?. Hiw about sending the POPE to cannonize this thugs!,
    It has been for 1300 hears the GOAL!, burn the libraries! Behad the statues!, what else?

  3. Segismundo says:

    Humanofobia… They hate all humans who uses the brain, robots of hate!

  4. Graham coxon says:

    I can only see men in photos .Where are the women ?? The men MUST be cowards to leave them where they came from as they are ( as we are told ) the women are not human beings worth existing except for making babys

  5. Natalia says:

    btw those videos show africans so they are most likely christian…especially the woman that we were able to see were wearing revealing tank tops not scarves, so it looks to me as they are african christians rather and not islamic arabs….

    • FPR Admin says:

      They are both, as Africa is now half Islamic, half Christian. The majority of the refugees are coming from Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria; which are all under strict sharia.

  6. Piripicchio says:

    Italy save people, where are the so called democratic usa and eu countries ?

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