Palestine TV Praises Mothers Suicide Bombing Death

Reem al-Riyashi, 22, became the first Palestinian mother to carry out a suicide bombing, killing herself and four Israeli security personnel Wednesday in an attack near the main border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

She left behind a husband and two children, a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy. In a farewell video taped before the attack, she said she was confident that the children would be cared for by God.

On Thursday the bomber was given a hero’s funeral and honored as a martyr of the Palestinian cause, but her brother criticized the militants from Hamas who had sent his sister to kill and be killed.

Hamas woman bomber kills Israelis

Tot pushed to be like bomber mom

The next wave of Palestinian suicide bombers could include little girls with ribbons in their hair.

Three years after Reem Saleh al-Riyashi blasted into infamy as the first Palestinian mother to launch a suicide bomb attack, her 4-year-old daughter is being primed to follow in her fanatical footsteps.







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