Traitors VS Patriots at Berkeley

Once again, thugs demanding the USA not be allowed to protect its own borders, have attacked a peaceful rally.

Rioting across the country for months, the traitors demand American citizens let in illegal immigrants, respect Sharia laws, bow down to sharia following countries, and give them freebies.

With the rise of President Trump, American citizens have had enough.

Like something from a medieval movie, both sides spared off in Berkeley last weekend.

Bikers and little old ladies carrying American flags, stood together against those who march for Socialism and Sharia laws.

Fights, people getting maced, ten arrested.

Those who were blindly worshipping at the feet of Obama, crying racist at anyone pointing out his crimes, are about to be faced with a rising wave of American patriots who want to protect our rights.

People who understand our Constitution, is what keeps us free.

-Paul Revere

A pro-Trump rally in downtown Berkeley on Saturday afternoon was marked by violence:


















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