Geoengineering VS LGBTQ Climate Change Dems at Ivankas House

2009-Monsanto backed scientist recommend geoengineering to UK Royal Society

2010- Monsanto backed scientist recommend geoengineering to United Nations-

Oxford University Geoengineering program-since 2010

November 01, 2013

Executive Order — Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change

A Luxury Travel Company Promises A Perfect, Rain Free Wedding Day For $100,000

2009 Popular Science- China’s Weather Manipulation Brings Crippling Snowstorm to Beijing

Chinese scientists create second artificial snowstorm in Beijing See More

 Group holds dance party protest at Ivanka Trump’s home
Protesters were ticked off about President Donald Trump’s recent executive order that changed the way the feds address climate change
LGBTQ activists WERK for Peace, 350 DC, and Trans Women of Color Collective are organizing a huge dance protest in front of the First Daughter’s home in Washington, D.C. on Saturday in order to protest Donald Trump‘s recent rollback of important environmental regulations

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