Antifa Riots in France Over Right Wing Le Pen Win

Hundreds March Against Far-Right French Presidential Hopeful Marine Le Pen

Some protesters threw firebombs at police during the march from suburban Aubervilliers to a Paris neighborhood where Le Pen is scheduled to hold a rally on Monday. Officers responded with tear gas during the small skirmishes.

Le Pen, who wants to pull France out of the European Union, is one of the top contenders in France’s first-round presidential vote on April 23. A presidential runoff is being held May 7 between the top two-vote-getters.

She wants to restore a French identity that she claims has been erased by “massive immigration,” mainly from former French colonies in Muslim North Africa.

Anti-fascists burn cars in wake of Marine Le Pen’s shock French election win

Protesters march against Le Pen as French campaign enters final stretch


 Anti-fascists demonstrate in Nantes, western France, on April 23, 2017 following the announcement of the results of the first round of the Presidential election.










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