“Europe is Forbidden from Speaking the Truth” -Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban

April 2017-

Hungary has defended its decision to detain migrants in shipping containers on the border with Serbia.

Under a new law, all asylum seekers aged over 14 have to wait there while their applications are processed.


Traveling in Europe’s River of Migrants

Tens of thousands of migrants and refugees, mostly fleeing unrest in the Middle East and Afghanistan, are pushing their way through the Balkans to Hungary. From there, many are continuing their desperate trip to Germany and other countries in northern Europe.


Migrant crisis: Hungary MPs reject Orban anti-refugee bill

Hungary’s parliament has rejected an attempt by Prime Minister Viktor Orban to block the settlement of refugees.

Mr Orban called the vote in parliament after a divisive referendum on 2 October, again over the EU’s 2015 resettlement scheme to relocate 160,000 refugees across the bloc.

Of those who voted, 98% – or 3.3m voters – supported Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban’s call to block the quotas. But only 40.4% of voters cast valid ballots, short of the required 50% threshold


Viktor Orban: Hungarian strongman challenges EU with anti-migration measures

Hungary’s fiercely anti-migrant Prime Minister Viktor Orban shows little humility, and is opening a Pandora’s box of problems for an already shaky European Union.


Viktor Orban fails to win his referendum against migrants

An anti-refugee publicity ploy falls far short of the needed turnout


Hungary hits snags with squad to stop migrants

A new police unit in Hungary, launched to reinforce patrols along the 175km (110-mile) border fence with Serbia, is struggling to find suitable candidates despite a massive recruitment drive.


Migrants walk to cross the border with Austria in Hegyeshalom, Hungary, September 28, 2015. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger






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