Islamic Sex and Marriage- The New British Debate

Muslim men are allowed to have up to four wives. In some of the countries immigrants are arriving from, such as Yemen, the wives can be as young as eight years old.

Under Sharia Laws, women are considered half the value of men. They are not allowed to own property or a business. They can’t request a divorce. They can be charged with adultery, for getting raped. Forced to cover their hair and bodies. Not allowed to enter public, without a male relative escort.

In many Islamic countries, such as Somalia and Pakistan, honor killing are also a huge problem.  If a woman does something against sharia to dishonor her family, like becoming pregnant, marrying outside the faith, refusing to marry, getting raped, wearing Western clothing -She can be murdered by someone and if the family forgives that person, the law will also. Pakistan recently outlawed forgiving the killers, but in a country that still executes people for blasphemy, old traditions are proving hard to break.

So the question is, how will the host countries deal, with hundreds of thousands of new sharia following citizens? Those on the left, the Labour party, demand we be tolerant of Islamic culture and laws. In the UK, they have even given them almost a hundred Sharia civil courts. The new British based website, SecondWife, allows Muslims to connect with their extra wives and even teaches them how to do it, outside of their host countries laws.

The UK being socialist, their taxes are expected to provide freebies for the newcomers. Healthcare. Housing. Food. Education. For each new sharia follower and his four wives. If you disagree with paying for all of this and handing your country over to Sharia followers, then you apparently are a racist, Islamophobic, bigot, Nazi.

I have great respect for this British gentleman who had the courage to stand up to Islamization being pushed in his streets.   I wonder if he knows he could be arrested in forty six Islamic countries, for blasphemy?

Islamic treatment of women and their marriage traditions are a new conversation all across Europe. One that obviously must be addressed.

Stand tall UK. Your American allies stand with you.

-Frustrated Paul Revere


SecondWife About

Meet Azad Chaiwala who set up, a dating website that lets Muslim men find their second wife

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal was established in 2007 to provide a viable alternative for the Muslim community seeking to resolve disputes in accordance with Islamic Sacred Law.  Since the mass migration of the Muslim community to the UK in the 1950s and 60s, Muslims were faced with a challenge of adhering to the English Legal System whilst still preserving their personal practices of Islamic Sacred Law.

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