Teen ISIS Supporter Gets Eighty Years

The US just locked up a guy for life, for plotting attacks for ISIS.

Twenty-one year old Justin Sullivan will remain in prison until he is a hundred and one.

He will be up for his first parole in the year 2042.

From our understanding, Justin is the first American convert, to be convicted in the United States.

I wonder if young Justin actually knows what Sharia Laws are.

Does he know that thirteen countries can execute you, for leaving Islam?

Does Mr. Sullivan know that almost fifty Islamic countries can arrest, flog, or execute you for being gay? For blasphemy? For sex outside of marriage? For public affection?

Did he really care so much about sharia laws and pleasing ISIS, that he was willing to murder innocent people?

Or is Mr. Sullivan simply a psychopath, who found a welcome outlet for his insanity?

A misguided youth, raised in an atmosphere of political correctness and division?

Raised in a state that adopted Obamas Common Core education reforms, that test from the Quran; but does not teach the facts of Sharia Laws.

Raised in an era, where riots are normal.

Where women marching in support of Sharia following countries, is considered politically correct.

Raised in an era, when men march through the streets wearing vagina hats, in support of countries where women are half the value of men. .

Raised in an era when joining Antifa and rioting at colleges, to literally stand against Free Speech, is the “cool” thing to do.


This has become a huge problem throughout the United Kingdom.

Almost a thousand UK citizens who  left to fight for ISIS, have since returned home.

Instead of being tracked properly, unarmed UK police seem more concerned with finding those who offend Muslims.

With enforcing Socialist censorship.

People being fired from their jobs for speaking out against Islamization.

Anyone standing against Sharia Laws and those demanding tolerance of them, deemed a racist, bigot, Nazi.

When is the world going to stand up against this dangerous theocracy?

When is the world going to realize that tolerance, does not mean we have to dumb our own children down?

When is the world going to realize, all of us must stand together and give harsh punishments, to anyone trying to impose extremist Sharia Laws.?

-Frustrated Paul Revere


Approximately 850 people from the UK have travelled to support or fight for jihadist organisations in Syria and Iraq, say the British authorities. About half have since returned to the UK.


2015-When three British schoolgirls trundled across the Syrian border; when a pregnant 14-year-old ran away from her Alpine home for the second time; when a sheltered girl from the south of France booked her first trip abroad — they were going to a place of no return.

Only two of the approximately 600 Western girls and young women who have joined extremists in Syria are known to have made it out of the war zone. By comparison, as many as 30 percent of the male foreign fighters have left or are on their way out, according to figures from European governments that monitor the returns.


Calling Justin Sullivan’s plot a “cold and calculated” conspiracy of ISIS-inspired terror, a federal judge in Asheville sent the 21-year-old Morganton man to prison for the rest of his life.
According to documents from the two-year-old case, Sullivan planned to unveil his “Islamic State of North America” with an attack on a concert or club that would kill hundreds of people.

Court documents say 21-year-old Justin Sullivan of Morganton, N.C. had researched how to manufacture firearm silencers, and asked an undercover FBI agent to build functional silencers that they could use to carry out the planned attacks.

The records show that Sullivan told the agent he planned to carry out his attack in the following few days at a concert, bar or club, where he believed as many as 1000 people could be killed using the assault rifle and silencer.

The release also says that Sullivan had acknowledged that he took “substantial” steps towards carrying out terrorist attacks in North Carolina and Virginia.





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