Berlin Police Get Kicked Out of G20 Summit for Wild Party

Officials in the German city of Hamburg sent home as many as 300 police officers from Berlin for a series of allegations of unseemly behaviour which include public sex acts, property damage and the mishandling of service-issued firearms.

The police officers were sent to the north German city ahead of the upcoming G20 summit, but were recalled Tuesday, according to German reports, because they became bored.

The officers were housed in a former refugee centre in the nearby town of Bad Segeberg and, according to witnesses, held a weekend party in which officers allegedly urinated in public and one, dressed in a bathrobe, inappropriately brandished his firearm.

A statement by the Berlin Police confirmed its officers were sent home prematurely due to “supposed misbehavious”. The department says it has “asked for statements and will then decide on the consequences”.

German newspaper Bild acquired and published photos of the alleged party, which appears to show a number of officers gathered within the former refugee container housing complex smoking from shisha water pipes.

Berlin Party: ‘We’re Only Human’ Say German Police After Wild Sex Party Gets Them Thrown Off G20 Security Force

Police authorities from the city of Hamburg, which hosts the summit on July 7-8, sent hundreds of Berlin officers home on Tuesday after an all-night celebration featuring public sex, fighting, urination and a striptease from a female officer featuring her service weapon.

“Yes, we partied,” the force admitted in a Facebook status Wednesday. Officers “drank, danced, pissed and, yes, apparently also bonked, as our press officer put it so well,” the statement said.

But “inside our uniforms are human beings,” the statement went on, insisting that officers were normally “very professional.”




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