Battle of Free Speech at Berkeley- USA VS Antifa

My rights do not end, where your feelings begin.

I am stunned, to see people openly standing against free speech rights, on American soil.

I think a lot of it is kids,  who have been dumbed down, by leftist college indoctrination. And of course thugs, just wanting to fight.

How many of those attacking free speech rights, have even read the US Constitution?

Do they even know what the original Antifa is?

Do they know that the real Antifa, stands for Israel, and fights with the Kurds, against sharia laws?

It’s so disheartening, to see people who think beating each other in the streets, is going to solve anything.

What they don’t see, is the real power lies in protecting our Constitutional rights.

Power comes, in showing that you actually know what you are talking about.

Not in giving someone a black eye, cause your lil feelings were hurt.

I think this the perfect example, of why we should require a Constitutional class, in our high schools.

It is almost surreal, to see people who should have higher IQ’s, standing against free speech.

This is something you expect to see in socialist and communist countries. Countries controlled by blasphemy laws.

But not in the USA. Not anymore.

People from those countries, come here to get away from that. They always have.

But then, I suppose people from those countries, have also always tried to follow them.

When it gets really confusing, is when you realize as a Constitutionalist, we have to also stand for their free speech rights. We have to stand by that, even though they are incapable of comprehending it.

One hundred percent support, of people standing in a town hall and speaking for their political beliefs and theocracies.

So long as they respect the rights of others, to do the same.

So long as they understand, the US Constitution, over rules all other forms of government.

So long as they understand, pitching a little tantrum and causing chaos, only allows those who are more intelligent than themselves, slowly chip away at the Constitutional rights of us all.

Stop it.

-Paul Revere

Berkeley Riots: How Free Speech Debate Launched Violent Campus Showdown

June 1st, 2017-

Fighting Words: A Battle in Berkeley Over Free Speech

“There are explosions happening everywhere. People are fighting. You’re not entirely sure who is an ally, who isn’t,” she says.

That’s part of the reason she won’t give her last name, since she fears that she will be targeted, harassed or doxxed like so many others who have had their identities attached to the blowups here. For a few days, the city’s mayor, Jesse Arreguin, even had to get himself security because of the threats he was receiving. “Our city is not going to be turned into a fight club,” he says defiantly, though no one is quite sure in this city of 121,000 long known as a test bed for the First Amendment.


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