Mob Attacks Statue of Democrat Cop who Raided Black Panthers in 1970

Frank Rizzo became a police officer in Philadelphia during the 1940″s.

Rizzo eventually rose to police chief, and then mayor.

Frank Rizzo was a Democrat.

Philly Antifa-

Sometime over this past weekend one or more vandals targeted the mural of former Police Commissioner and Mayor Frank Rizzo in the Italian Market.

Paint was slattered above one of his eyes, and “Fascista” was spray painted across his chest.

We at Philly Antifa could not be happier about this.

As anyone who has spent any time in Philadelphia knows, Frank Rizzo was a racist, sexist, fascist piece of shit.

Should statue of controversial mayor Frank Rizzo be removed? Philadelphians weigh in.

He was the first Italian American mayor in Philadelphia, and the city’s police commissioner before that. Under his watch as both commissioner and mayor in the 1960s and 1970s, gang violence and crime rates dropped.

Rizzo Statue Rally Postponed Due To Agreement With Mayor’s Office

Monday’s planned rally to keep the former mayor of Philadelphia Frank Rizzo’s statue right where it is has now been postponed.

Councilwoman Helen Gym last week touched off the movement.

Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia Dies at 70; A ‘Hero’ and ‘Villain’

One view was that the former Police Commissioner and two-term Mayor was the last bastion against threats to middle-class residents of the city’s row-house neighborhoods.

The other view was that Mr. Rizzo was a barely educated former police officer who used a hard line on crime and tactics bordering on the dictatorial to suppress opposition and keep blacks out of middle-class neighborhoods. ‘Tough Cop’ Image

‘Black Power’ Spray-Painted in White on Frank Rizzo Statue Near Philadelphia City Hall

Lowlights from his time as police commissioner include an incident in 1970 of officers raiding the Philadelphia headquarters of the Black Panthers and forcing the men to strip in public.





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