Antifa Attacks Truck, then Plays the Victim

In N.C., you can now legally run over violent protesters blocking the street.

Should protecting yourself, become law in all states?

When we first heard about the truck running through counter-protesters in Vancouver, our thoughts went straight to Charlottesville.  But as we combed through the footage of the Patriot Prayer free speech rally , we saw a one thing appear again and again.

This truck being attacked by Antifa members.

How would you react, if a mob prevented you from leaving?

If a mob threw rocks at your car and spit at you?

Will mainstream media portray this as another evil “Nazi”, that disagrees with the left?

Or will they show both sides of the situation?

-Paul Revere

Driver who nearly hit Vancouver protesters not arrested

The incident occurred following a rally by members of the conservative group Patriot Prayer. Counter-protesters followed the group to the rally along the waterfront in Vancouver.

After the rally ended, Vancouver police had the members of Patriot Prayer leave eight at a time while shielding them from counter-protesters.

Caught on Camera: Truck charges protesters

The driver of a large truck was stopped and detained by police after accelerating twice past a group of counter-protesters in Vancouver, Washington Sunday afternoon.The driver was not charged with a crime and has been released, Vancouver Police said.

Counter-protesters started following the Patriot Prayer demonstrators through Vancouver. At some point, someone in a large black truck drove aggressively near where counter-protesters had gathered.

Video captured by KGW shows the man speeding backwards beside the counter-protesters in a large truck with several American flags attached to it and then leaving before speeding past them again about five minutes later.  Witnesses tell KGW another truck pulled up beside counter-protesters and sprayed them with pepper spray.

(I saw no pepper spray. I saw rocks and spit.)

Man arrested after almost hitting anti-fascist protesters with truck

Vancouver Police arrested a man after he allegedly backed his car towards a group of left-wing anti-fascist counterprotesters.

The car involved in the Vancouver incident had Oregon plates, a decal of the Confederate flag and several American flags, the report said.





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