Amazon Partners with Somalis in Minnesota

 Amazon Partners With Somali Community To Shuttle Cedar-Riverside Workers

Amazon has hired hundreds of Minnesotans to work at its giant fulfillment center in Shakopee since it opened one year ago. Many of those employees are coming from the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis, where predominantly Somali-Americans live.

The company and local community teamed up to make sure those hired have a way to get to work.

Mohamud Noor of the Confederation of Somali Community runs a neighborhood job center, where dozens of people line up every day for a chance to work in the Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee.

Every day, Amazon sends shuttles for hundreds of employees in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood to be able to make the day and evening shifts.

“All you have to do is take an assessment on the computer, pass the assessment, do the drug test, wait for your orientation and get to work.”Noor said most people who pass the criteria walk away with a job, and report to work within 10 days. It is a way to tackle the 20 percent unemployment rate in the Somali-American community in Minnesota.

Confederation of Somali Community

To strengthen the capacity of Somalis in Minnesota to become contributing members of society, while keeping their culture.

-In Somalia, you can be arrested, flogged, stoned or executed for being gay, sex outside of marriage, public affection, blasphemy, and apostasy. A raped woman can be arrested for adultery. Child brides and soldiers are rampant.

Phone : 612-605-3222
Email :
Address : 1507 S 6th St, Minneapolis, MN 55454

A newly familiar sight in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood: the Amazon bus

Last summer, when Amazon completed its gigantic fulfillment center in Shakopee and announced it was hiring thousands of employees, some people wondered how workers would get there.

Today, the answer is apparent on the streets of Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood: The company sends coach buses that take hundreds of employees to and from its Shakopee campus every day.

It grew out of a partnership Amazon established with the Confederation of Somali Community of Minnesota, the nonprofit run by Minneapolis City Council candidate Mohamud Noor, as part of a workforce program that linked local employers with workers from the neighborhood.

That program, Shaqodoon, helps job seekers with everything from writing resumes and cover letters to hosting job fairs and providing employment application assistance.

A few months after it was started, Shaqodoon came to the attention of an Amazon executive looking to find low-skilled employees for the Shakopee warehouse — jobs that pay between $13 and $16 an hour, and that come with health care benefits and tuition assistance.






Freebie rides to Amazon, 40 minutes from Cedar-Riverside




Filling out job applications for Amazon Minnesota





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