Somali Fashion Show in Minnesota?

Established in 2007,  Ka Joog is a nationally recognized, Somali nonprofit organization tailored towards enriching the lives of Somali American youth by utilizing the positive elements of education, mentoring, employment, and the arts. Ka Joog’s mission is to motivate youth to pursue higher education, while promoting and building community ties at events throughout Minnesota.

Local Somali youth group refuses federal grant because it’s ‘deeply troubled’ by Trump Administration

Ka Joog and another local nonprofit were among the organizations to get money from the Department of Homeland Security’s “Countering Violent Extremism” program.

University of Minnesota- Bringing STEM learning to Somali Youth

Education is regarded highly in the Somali-American community, and a new partnership is connecting Somali youth to Extension 4-H and the University.

Through funding provided by Youthprise! and CYFAR, 4-H Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs will be delivered at Ka Joog, a nonprofit on the West Bank in Minneapolis serving approximately 2,500 Somali youth annually.

“Ka Joog began with a vision, a dream, and a lot of what-ifs,” says Mohamed Farah, Ka Joog executive director and 4-H program coordinator. “Our partnership with Extension 4-H and the University is a perfect fit.”

Ka Joog

1420 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota
(612) 255-3524

Ka Joog is the leading Somali nonprofit organization tailored towards enriching the lives of Somali American youth by utilizing the positive elements of education, mentoring, employment, and the arts. Ka Joog’s mission is to create a better world by providing community-based, culturally specific programs and services to Somali youth and their families.

Established in 2007 by a group of Somali young adults










Somali woman and journalist arrested for reporting rape

A woman has been arrested in Somalia’s capital after she alleged in a video interview posted online that she had been raped at gunpoint by colleagues.

The journalist who interviewed the 19-year-old has also been detained in Mogadishu, but the two men accused of rape have not been arrested.

Somali woman who alleged rape sentenced to one year

A Somali court has sentenced a woman to a year in prison after she accused security forces of raping her.
A journalist who interviewed her was also sentenced.
Somali executed for ‘apostasy’
An Islamist militia has executed a Somali politician who they accused of betraying his religion by working with non-Muslim Ethiopian forces.
Somalia parliament votes in Sharia law
Somalia’s transitional federal parliament has unanimously backed the introduction of Islamic Sharia law in the country after a vote over the issue was brought to parliamentarians Saturday.The vote will boost new President Sharif Ahmed’s efforts to defeat the hard-line Islamic group of Alshabab, which opposes his government.

Alshabab previously declared that it would continue fighting until Sharia law is imposed in Somalia.

“Calling us anti-Islamic lawmakers is now over,” said Osman Elmi Boqore, deputy speaker of the Somali parliament, after voting ended.

The parliament’s vote comes amid high tension in Mogadishu after the killings of key supporters of Ahmed’s government in recent days.

The new form of law would replace the traditional charter, which was not as strict as Sharia law.

The strict interpretation of Sharia forbids girls from attending school, requires veils for women and beards for men, and bans music and television.

Somalia Travel

The Federal Government of Somalia has adopted Shari’a law

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Somalia, including Somaliland except for the cities of Hargeisa and Berbera to which the FCO advise against all but essential travel.

Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Somalia, including kidnapping. Terrorist groups have made threats against westerners and those working for western organisations. There is a constant threat of terrorist attack in Mogadishu and terrorists continue to plan attacks against westerners in the rest of Somalia including Somaliland.


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