The Mosque Behind My Uncles House-Sharia Advice, Prayer, School, Dating Service

There are 238 mosque in Texas.

Houston Metro area is home to 92 mosque.  Forty of those are based in the Southwest Houston area, which  includes Sugarland.

Another 80 mosque, are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Many of these mosque are offering religious advice, through arbitration programs. This is just another way of saying Sharia law civil courts. The UK has over eighty Islamic courts. It’s what Linda Sarsour, of the Womens March, calls for in America.

It’s how Muslims get around the laws, of their host country. It is voluntary, so at first residents don’t see it as a problem. Until it is too late, and they realize Muslims have set up a separate government, in their country. Until they realize, what Sharia laws actually are.

Muslims use the Imams to take their 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives. For divorces. For property and business matters.

We found one such mosque in Sugarland, Texas.  Not only does the Maryam Islamic center offer prayer services, a school and advice from the Quran, they also offer a dating service.

The left would have us respect all forms of Islam. They don’t understand the differences, between the sects. They don’t care Sunni and Shiite have been at war, since the 7th century.

They don’t care that thirteen Islamic countries,can put you to death for apostasy. (Leaving the religion. )

They don’t care that forty six Islamic countries can arrest, flog, stone or execute you for blasphemy, being gay, public affection, sex outside of marriage, getting raped, drinking alcohol.

They don’t care that women are considered half the value of men, in most Islamic countries. Not allowed to own property or a business. Not allowed to leave their homes in some countries, without a male relative. Not allowed to enter public or being around any male, who isn’t a relative, without covering their hair and bodies. Not allowed to play music or dance. Not allowed to play sports.

So we do not think it is rude or racist, to ask exactly what it is the left demands we respect.

We do not consider it rude, to ask exactly what kind of Islamic advice, is being given at these mosque.

We do not consider it rude or racist, to ask just what exactly is moving into our backyards?


Religious advising offered at Maryam Islamic Center.

The best advice comes from Islamic values and principles.  Its a proven fact that advisingcounseling has helped many families throughout the years. If you are having issues  in your relationship or know anyone who needs advise. Then come by at our center and we will be more then happy to assist in any way possible. We offer religious advising from Quran and Sunnah.Set up an appointment today to meet with Justice Shahzado Shaikh.

Maryam Islamic Center School

504 Sartartia Rd.
Sugar Land, TX 77479

(281) 715 – 3500


Requirements for marriage at the Maryam Islamic Center include the bride having a “guardian” and an additional form from the mosque, called  ISGH “Marriage Certificate”.











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