Antifa to Attempt Nationwide Riots in these Cities Nov. 4th

I saw this making the rounds a couple of weeks ago. Had hoped it would fade away. Didn’t want to give it the relevance of an article.

But we can’t ignore threats to our cities.

So far, Antifa have managed to attack Trump rallies, free speech rallies. Anti-Marxist rallies.

Berkeley has been temper tantrum central. Once a symbol of free speech, now it’s a weekly battleground for safe spaces and censorship. Black bloc members, beating people with clubs.

Screaming Nazi, at anyone who disagrees with them.

Demanding we throw open our borders, and welcome both socialism and sharia.

We are all for standing against real fascism.

Like that time Bush signed the Patriot act, giving them the right to imprison foreigners, without trial.

Like that time Obama signed the 2012 NDAA, giving them the right to do the same, to American citizens. Habeas corpus gone.

Like that time Obama expanded the NSA, and gave them the right to spy on us, without warrant.

Like that time Obama signed for drones over our skies.

Kneeling to our flag, isn’t fighting fascism.

Marching with Linda Sarsour for sharia, wearing a vagina hat, isn’t fighting fascism.

Standing with Bernie for socialism, isn’t fighting fascism.

Planning riots across our country, isn’t fighting fascism.

Fighting fascism, ladies and gentlemen, is standing together by our US Constitution.

-Paul Revere

Nov. 4th riot cities- To be updated -Please submit any you find.

*Los Angles

*Union Square, San Francisco

333 Post Street, San Francisco, California 94108

*Seattle Central College Plaza, Broadway & Pine

*Grand Circus Park, Woodward Avenue & Adams, Detroit

*Thomas Paine Plaza 1401 John F Kennedy Blvd Philadelphia, Penn


November 4 It Begins:

Refuse Fascism mobilizing to demand removal of Trump, Pence

The activist coalition will hold a nationwide protest Nov. 4

Refuse Fascism Chicago

Refuse Fascism Bay Area

Call (510) 253-5551

Nov 4th

Union Square, San Francisco

333 Post Street, San Francisco, California 94108
Refuse Fascism Los Angeles
Refuse Fascism – Seattle
Call 260-225-7049
Nov. 4th
Seattle Central College Plaza, Broadway & Pine
Nov. 4th
Utah Anti-Fascists
Refuse Fascism Philly
Call (267) 603-7150
New York Antifa

Antifa Austin- Closed facebook group

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