Antifa Promoted November 4th Riots Months Ago

Antifa are trying their hardest to start a civil war in our country, to impeach President Trump.

Grandstanding and street preaching at colleges.

Setting up kiosk, to hand out posters.

Throwing their message for a coup, on the sides of buildings.

One has to ask, was this the plan all along?

Cause chaos among us. Separate us. Tear at our very fabric. Claim a country that has citizens from all over the world, is racist, for protecting their own borders?

This young lady couldn’t tell you the difference, between a Shiite and a Sunni Muslim. But she would demand we respect them both.

She couldn’t tell you how the UK, just started to get rid of their blasphemy laws, under Socialism. Or how Frances Presidential candidate, wasn’t even allowed to share ISIS pictures. Or how Canada just passed M-103. Blasphemy law, focused on protecting Islam. Or how Australia and Germany and Sweden have been silenced and forced into accepting millions of third world sharia followers.

She doesn’t know how Poland and Italy have stood up for their own countries, against mass immigration.

She has never read the Constitution.










Seriously? The Seattle Museum?  No Nukes. Yet these same people had no problem with Obama continuing to keep our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Had no problem with him getting us into Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya. No problem with handing nukes to Iran. Ridiculous.




Refuse Fascism mobilizing to demand removal of Trump, Pence

The activist coalition will hold a nationwide protest Nov. 4

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