Islamization of London- Muslim Lifestyle Show

It’s all coming over here.

Muslim Lifestyle Show organizers, Algebra Consulting claim, “One in three people will be Muslim, by 2030.”

We are Algebra Consulting- Our aim is to provide blah blah- further and greater platforms for the halal community.

We are a boutique Consulting firm, comprising of creative and consultant professionals, with a wealth of experience serving clients of diverse backgrounds in particular those in the Muslim cultural economic sectors in addition to mainstream organisations serving the Muslim communities.

Our strategic partnerships will provide you with a gateway to the Muslim economy, ideal platforms for SME’s both locally in the United Kingdom and globally.

For the third year running, the London Muslim Lifestyle Show returns to Olympia, London




Sudan: Woman at risk of flogging for not wearing headscarf

Somali woman killed for not wearing veil
Al-Shabab, which controls much of southern and central Somalia, imposes strict rules of behavior, including dress codes for men and women.

Last year, 3.6 million women in Iran were warned, fined or arrested for not wearing hijabs

Pakistan warn women to wear ‘hijab’, else face acid burns

Algeria-Wearing the Veil, Under Penalty of Death
Islamic fundamentalist movement announced in February that any woman seen in public without the hijab (veil) prescribed by Muslim orthodoxy could and should be killed.

Iran women have to cover their hair in public according to the dress rule enforced after the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

Saudi Arabia: Women must wear a long cloak that covers their arms and legs. Their heads should also be covered in public. This applies to non-Muslim women, too.

Pakistan-Brother admits murdering model sister over “honor” lost to Facebook pics

The model wore western clothing

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  1. Sarah Ansari says:

    There are huge numbers of Muslims living in London that’s a reason modest fashions are getting popular there. However the Muslim women from London are as well modern like western women, that’s why the demand of modest fashion is increasing and such shows are held.

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