Islamization in United Kingdom Schools

Are children in the United Kingdom, being indoctrinated to believe they must respect all forms of Islam?

One can’t help but wonder, have their teachers and parents even read the Quran?

Can UK teachers, even name two Sharia Laws?

Are the children of the UK being taught the facts, or just pushed to accept their new reality, of bowing down to Islam?

While UK students are proudly learning the correct way to kneel on a prayer mat, are their teachers also explaining, that women would not be allowed to pray with the men?

While smiling teachers encourage UK students to ask questions, are they also explaining that thirteen Islamic countries can arrest you, if you leave the religion? Are UK teachers explaining that almost fifty Islamic countries, can arrest you for blasphemy? Are the teachers explaining that you can be put to death, for tweeting an offensive cartoon, in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia?

While UK teachers push diversity , are they also teaching it is illegal for non-Muslims, to even enter the cities of Mecca and Medina? That they can be put to death, if they go there and insult the religion?

As UK teachers push respect for Islam, are they also explaining that Sunni, Shiite and Wahhabi have been at war, since the 7th century?

Are UK teachers speaking on the fact that if they are gay, they can be arrested, in almost fifty Islamic countries?

Are UK teachers speaking on the fact that even in the “advanced” Dubai, a woman can be arrested for adultery, if she is raped?

Are UK teachers speaking on the fact that Sharia laws now rule all of the Middle East (except Israel), half of Africa, Indonesia, and parts of India?

Are UK teachers speaking on the fact that slavery was legal in Islamic Kuwait until 1949, Qatar until 1950, Saudi Arabia and Yemen until 1963, Oman until 1970, Sudan and Mauritania, Africa until 1981?

Are UK teachers speaking on the five pillars of Islam, but not on what Sharia laws are?

There is no denying the children of the United Kingdom, will face a new world.

A world, where their parents have thrown open the borders, to millions of third world Sharia followers.

A world, that has allowed almost one hundred Sharia civil courts, within the UK.

A world where terrorist attacks, are becoming the norm.

A world, where the Muslims and their four wives, will outnumber  UK citizens within decades.

A world, where teachers prepare children for Sharia invasion, by visiting a mosque.

-Paul Revere



Our trip to the Mosque  

This morning Mr Davey’s class went on their second trip of the year- to the East London mosque. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed learning about all the special parts of the mosque, especially when we got the chance to hear our echoes in the dome. We also got the chance to see lots of other parts of the Islamic faith, such as prayer, the Qu’ran and the minarettes.

All children found the trip very interesting and we are looking forward to discussing the differences between the mosque and the church later on this week!

Thank you to all the children and parents for being so helpful!

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School
Underwood Road




Visit to Chorley Mosque

Year 4 visited the Dawatul Islamic Mosque in Chorley on Thursday. The children walked to and from the Mosque, which is an achievement in itself! They had a tour of the mosque, went into the school room where they looked at the Qu’ran. They also listened to a call to prayer and visited the prayer room. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Thank you to Chorley Mosque for making us feel so welcome.

Gillibrand Primary School
Grosvenor Road



Year 1 visited London Central Mosque

London Central Mosque.

Ark Priory Primary Academy- Acton Lane, London

Bezoek OBS vinkenbuurt aan moskee Zwolle



The Mosque visit

FS2 classes Maple and Mulberry took another lovely walk into Maidenhead on Wednesday, this time to visit the Mosque. They spent time admiring the dome and the minaret and looking at the beautiful patterned carpets and tiles.

Riverside Primary School

Cookham Road
Maidenhead, UK
Tel:  01628 621741


Educational Visit to Newcastle Central Mosque

On Tuesday 23rd February 2016 our Year 5 children visited the Mosque in Newcastle. This was the final lesson in a ten week series of lessons on Islam. The session was run by the IDC (Islamic Diversity Centre) which seeks to support teachers in delivering the curriculum. We were made very welcome and when we arrived we had a short workshop about the Five Pillars of Islam. The IDC staff were very impressed with the level of knowledge the children had. We then observed the Midday Prayer. After lunch we had a tour of the Mosque and met the Imam. The session was finished off with a quiz which was great fun

Stanhope Barrington CE Primary School
The Square
Westcroft, Stanhope ,Bishop Auckland

T: 01388 528 218



City school’s Mosque visit

Students from Lowfield Primary School visited a local Mosque, to learn more about Muslims living in the city. The youngsters visited Sheffield Islamic Centre Madina Masjid Trust, where they were given a tour of the Mosque’s wash rooms, prayer areas and library and learned more about the contents of the Quran and how children start to study the religious text of Islam from a young age.

The children and staff were joined by students from their partner school, Hartington C of E Primary School, as part of studies into city and countryside cultures and differences.

“We learnt so much about the religious views of Muslim people, as well as how and where they pray.




Hartington pupils head to the city

Pupils from Hartington C of E Primary School went to Lowfield Primary School on Tuesday 17 November to participate in shared activities including a visit to a Mosque

Youngsters went to the Sheffield Islamic Centre Madina Masjid Trust where they were given a tour of the Mosque and learnt more about how Muslim people pray.

Children and staff had to take their shoes off as they entered the Mosque and their guide explained the importance and relevance of why Muslim people cleanse before they go to pray. They were shown the wash rooms, prayer areas and the library and learnt more about the Quran and how children start to study the religious text of Islam from a young age.

Hartington pupil Jacob Blackwell, 9, said: “It was interesting to see the Mosque and stunning to learn more about what Muslim people do when they pray and how they worship Allah.”

Teaching Assistant, Judith Flower added: “The Mosque tour was such a great experience, for both staff and the children! We learnt so much about the religious views of Muslim people, how and where they pray and the contents of the Quran.

The Dale Hartington

Buxton, Derbyshire Tel. 01298 84254

Any queries please contact the Head teacher Mrs Tracy Blackwell







On Thursday 23rd March 2017, our Ringwood School Year 10 GCSE Ethics & Philosophy students visited Southampton’s Medina Mosque.

The purpose of the Mosque visit was for our students to acquire and develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of Islamic religions’ practices. Furthermore to connect the significance of those teachings, beliefs and practices, and their importance for individuals, communities and societies, referencing any relevant sources of wisdom and authority, including scripture and/or sacred texts where appropriate.

It provided a forum for our students to ask questions of the Imam and further develop their understanding in readiness for exams on Islamic religious’ practices. This visit also provided a visual experience of the Mosque and an opportunity for our students to observe the Islamic call to prayer.

Ringwood School, A National Teaching Academy,
Parsonage Barn Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire UK (tel-01425 475000)



Class 3 visit to The Grand Mosque, Keighley

We have had a very successful day. Our hosts, Victoria Primary School, graciously took us to the largest mosque in the town. We were given a guided tour and then to our great surprise, treated to a little feast. It was a fabulous experience and very kind of our hosts to welcome us

Goldsborough C.E. (VC) Primary School

Main Street, Goldsborough UK

North Yorkshire Tel: (01423) 862617
Headteacher: Mr Matt Shillito


Sycamore visit a mosque

Sycamore class were very interested in our visit to the mosque today. Our guide, Nadeem Khan, was very interesting and showed us many areas of the mosque. We visited two very large prayer rooms; Year 2 were amazed at their size. We also visited the room where Muslims complete Wudu before entering the mosque to pray. We were very lucky whilst inside the mosque because the call to prayer started so we were able to listen to this together.

Whilst visiting, we thought carefully about how Muslims create a sense of belonging. We learnt how Muslims always face the same way to prayer so even if a Muslim was praying alone, they would know that many other Muslims around the world would also be facing the same way!

St. John’s CE Primary,
Dawson Lane,
Bierley, Bradford. Tel: 01274 681959\



Visit to the Medina Mosque

Yesterday year three went to visit the Mosque as part of our learning during Wonder Week.  Behaviour whilst going to and at the Mosque was impeccable.  Our governor, Mr Foster, came with us too!  During the visit we learnt more about ablution, Mecca, the Kaaba and Muslim school.  We had plenty of opportunities to ask any questions we had. Here are a few pictures!  Can you spot Mr Foster?

Wybourn Community Primary School

Wybourn Learning Community
Manor Oaks Road
Phone: 0114 2721988


Team 2 Visit Regent’s Park Mosque

Wow, what an educational and fun day at the Mosque.

We used this trip to help us learn more about places special to people as well as learning more about the features of a mosque.

We saw lots of interesting artefacts and got to ask loads of questions to our brilliant guide.

Afterwards, because we did such good learning, we had a fun time playing in Regent’s Park, showing our bravery as we slid quickly down the slide!

St Luke’s C of E Primary School
Fernhead Road
London W9 3EJ
Tel: 0207 641 5855


Reception Visit Wightman Road Mosque

Reception really enjoyed their trip to Wightman Road Mosque last week.

We jumped on the 41 bus and then walked the rest of the way. When we got to the mosque we admired the golden dome. We met the Imam who kindly answered any of the questions we had. We looked around inside and spotted lots of beautiful tile work using lots of different 2D shapes.

Afterwards we enjoyed an end of year picnic at Priory Park. It was a scorcher of a day!

Coleridge Primary School

77 Crouch End Hill, London,

020 8340 3173


Neeli Mosque opens its doors to primary schools

Neeli Mosque of Rochdale welcomed its Annual ‘Primary School Programme’.

The week long programme commenced on Monday 18 June and this year almost 700 children from 19 primary schools from across the borough took part. The Primary School Programme started in 2008 and this year was the 5th year it has taken place. Each School visit went through some basic fundamental beliefs of Islam in a fun and interactive way and also got a tour of the Mosque which highlights some of the key functions and features which take place within the building.

Ruhel Khan, Primary School Programme Coordinator said: “The Primary School Programme 2012 was a huge success, this was our fifth year and each time it has got bigger and better. The exceptional feedback from the schools gives us encouragement to provide more services for the local community”.

The programme took almost 3 months of planning and the demand for places is getting higher each year. The Mosque has promised in future it will work out a programme where even more schools can participate.

A teacher from Beech House Primary School said: “I hadn’t visited a mosque previously so wasn’t sure what to expect, the visit actually exceeded all my expectations”.

Another teacher from Middleton Parish said: “The programme was very informative and well organised, a variety of short activities kept the children interested throughout”.

Neeli Mosque is part of UKIM. The UKIM is one of the oldest nation-wide Islamic organisations in the UK. UKIM has different stands of work which include relief, education, running Mosques and Madrassa as well as community cohesion and interfaith activities.

UKIM is a registered charity organisation as well as one of the founding members of MCB a national umbrella body for Muslim organisations in Britain.



Year 5 children from J H Godwin Primary School with Imam Hassan Chowdhury during the question and answer session at the mosque in Blacon

So far pupils from Highfield Primary, Dee Point Primary, JH Godwin and Blacon High schools have attended the mosque and The Arches Primary and St Theresa’s Primary schools will be visiting soon.

The trips have been organised by council community safety wardens Hannah Davies and Neil Denby in conjunction with police community support officers Joanne Pendrey and Tom McDermott and mosque officials.

Cllr Razia Daniels, equality and diversity champion, said: “The visits are a great idea, it gives pupils an opportunity to observe a prayer and then attend a question and answer session.”

Blacon councillor Reggie Jones added: “The visits, in which the children speak to the Imam Hassan Chowdhury, will enable further understanding of the different cultures within the Blacon community.”


Highfield Prep, Maidenhead – Year 5, Mosque visit

2 West Road, Maidenhead SL6 1PD . Telephone 01628 624 918


Year 6 visit to Leicester Mosque

On the 4th of February, Year 6 went to the Mosque in Leicester to learn about Islam. Mr Khalid showed us around. There were many pictures in the mosque. They were about Islam and were
written in Arabic, so we did not know what it said in English. Mr Khalid very kindly let us count the arches on the carpet, altogether there were 360.

We enjoyed it and we know that the next Year 6’s will too!

Old Mill Primary School
Station Road
Broughton Astley
Leicestershire    Telephone number 01455 284191



Children Keen to Learn on Trip to Mosque


Year 6 Mosque Visit

The children in Year 6 have been learning about the Islamic faith, and what better way to cement their learning than by visiting a mosque? They travelled to Bradford, where Fatima (their guide) gave them a tour of the mosque and an insight into the life of a Muslim. It was a super trip, which really helped move the children’s learning forward.

Headteacher: Mr Rick Weights

Chestnut Green Monk Fryston
Tel. no. 01977 682388



Y34 visit to The Mosque

Last week, children from classes 3 and 4 went on a school visit to a local Mosque on Barking Road. The children were able to see what it is like in a main prayer room and learn about all the different parts of the mosque

Grange Primary School

Suffolk Road, London, E13 0HE      Tel: 020 7476 5146



Year 6 Visit a Mosque

M stands for most of the Muslins recite the Qur’an; the Iman recited it in 3 years.

O stands for one of the teachers who was very helpful by showing us round.

S stands for shoes which are not allowed and the Iman was kind by showing us where to put them.

Q stands for Qur’an which is a holy book in Arabic and was wrapped in silk covers.

U stands for under the ground floor there was a basement with a praying area too.

E stands for engaging us very well and explaining everything well.

T stands of for the mosque which was very clean and nice for us.

R stands for really good answers to our questions.

I stands for I had an amazing information time and good help for our exams.

P stands for putting our knowledge at a whole new level.

Elstree School Headmaster: Mr. Sid Inglis, B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E.

Woolhampton, Reading
Berkshire, RG7 5TD  Tel: 01189 713 302



Year 7 mosque visit

Year 7 visited the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden earlier this term. The trip enabled students to learn first hand what Muslims believe about Allah and peace, stepping into a place of worship for thousands of devoted followers. Students were impressed not only with the size of the mosque, but the sense they got as they moved around. Thanks to all staff involved – students had a once in a life time experience not to be forgotten.

Greenshaw High School

Grennell Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 3DY
tel: 020 8715 1001



Hepworth Junior and Infant School

Class 2 Mosque Visit



Pictures of Year 1 visiting the Mosque

AngleseyPrimary School

  • Anglesey Street, Lozells, Birmingham,
  • West Midlands, B19 1RA
  • Tel: 0121 4644388



Parents withdraw Lostwithiel School children from mosque visit

Some parents have withdrawn their children from a planned school visit to a mosque following “safety concerns”.

Lostwithiel School, in Cornwall, plans to take 91 children to the mosque in Exeter as part of their Religious Education (RE) lesson.

Cornwall Council said “a small number of parents” had raised concerns after fundamentalist groups, such as IS, affiliated themselves with Islam.

The Muslim Council of Britain said it was “disappointing”.



Visit to Mosque

Pinewood Bourton
Shrivenham, Wiltshire  Telephone: 01793 782205 (Office)



Year 2 Visit Leeds Grand Mosque

As part of their RE work Year 2 children visited Leeds Gran Mosque on Monday.  Thanks to all the parents who came along to help.

Yeadon Westfield Infant School

Westfield Grove,
Yeadon, Leeds UK

0113 2505449


Mosque Visit

Year 3 visited the Mosque on Monday 21st March 2016.

Oakdale Primary School
Oakdale Ave
Stanground, Peterborough Call us on 01733 566237



Event – KS1 Visit Birmingham Central Mosque

To celebrate the end of our Indian Spice theme, Key Stage 1 enjoyed a trip to Birmingham Central Mosque to explore the worship place of Muslims.

Mr. Abdul welcomed us warmly and encouraged us to explore the mosque. He explained the 5 pillars of Islam and answered all of our many, many questions! It was exciting to see what we had learned at school, brought to life in one of the largest mosques in western Europe. We learned that it up to 7,000 people can come to pray here at one time!

New Hall Primary School and Children’s Centre
Langley Hall Drive
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands  Telephone Number 0121 464 5170



KS3 Theme Visit

On Wednesday the 8th February 2017, students who access KS3 Theme visited the Jamia Mosque in Derby and St Andrews Church in Swanwick as part of our Tolerance and Understanding Theme.

Students participated in two workshops throughout the day, asked questions and gained a deeper understanding of different cultures and religions.

It was a fantastic day that was full of interesting facts that enhanced understanding.

Swanwick School and Sports College

Hayes Lane

Swanwick, Alfreton

Derbyshire Tel:01773602198



Year 5 mosque trip

Year 5 had a fantastic morning at the mosque finding out about the religion of Islam. We had the opportunity to listen to a prayer and find out about the different times that muslims have to pray within a day.

We found out about the 5 duties of Islam, looked at different items of clothing worn by muslims and learned how their holy book (the Qur’an) was revealed in stages to their prophet Mohammed. We were able to see both the similarities and differences between the religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The children asked lots of questions to support their learning and wowed the people at the mosque with the knowledge they already knew about Islam

Parklands Primary School, Leeds

Parklands Primary School,Dufton 0113 2930282


Visit to a Mosque

Mesne Lea Primary School
Walkden Road
Worsley Manchester
M28 7FG
Tel: 0161 790 4234



Year 5 Visit to Swindon Mosque

Pinewood School,
Bourton, Shrivenham,
Wiltshire SN6 8HZ
T: 01793 782205




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