Unarmed French Police Verses Migrants

Do Europe’s police need more firepower?

One was a young policewoman, unarmed on the outskirts of Paris and felled by an assault rifle. Her partner, also without weapons, could do nothing to stop the gunman. Another was a first responder with a side arm, rushing to the Charlie Hebdo offices where a pair of masked men with high-powered weapons had opened fire on an editorial meeting. Among their primary targets: the armed police bodyguard inside the room.

With the deaths of the three French officers during three days of terror in the Paris region and the suggestion of a plot in Belgium to kill police, European law enforcement agencies are rethinking how — and how many — police should be armed.


French police demand right to carry guns as nation faces Islamic threat

Trade unions representing members of the municipal police are demanding that all police officers routinely carry a firearm following the recent spate of Islamist terror attacks across the country.

Christophe Leveillé, general secretary of the FO trade union said: “Our colleagues are unarmed and in danger, and something must be done.”

Deputy general secretary Frantz Michel added: “French people are being told that the government is doing everything it can to keep them safe, which is false.”

France has strict weapon laws, and in the case of the municipal police, it is the mayor that decides whether or not they will can carry a gun.

The lack of a cohesive national policy was condemned by the trade unions at a time when the terrorist threat in France is at the highest ever level.



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