Times Square Rally for Palestine

All across the world, Muslims are protesting President Trumps decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israels capital. No one seems to care that Presidents Obama, Clinton, and Bush all promised to do the same.

The Islamic world claims that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, which is ruled under Sharia laws, by the Palestine Authority and Hamas.

Israel is the last place in the Middle East, not under some form of Sharia Laws.

Hundreds fill Times Square to protest Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” hundreds of protesters – including many from North Jersey – filled Times Square on Friday to denounce President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

One of the holiest and most contested cities in the world, Jerusalem holds vast significance not only to Jews, but also to Palestinian Muslims and Christians, who make up about 37 percent of the city’s population.


Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Protest Jerusalem Decision in Times Square

Demonstrators gathered in New York City’s Times Square on December 8 to protest the decision by US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, calling on him not to move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Many of the protesters waved Palestinian flags and chanted against the “occupation” of Palestinian territories. Groups of Muslim men took part in prayers at the edge of the main crowd. Across the street, a small group of pro-Israel counter-protesters waved Israeli flags.


Hundreds Protest Against US Jerusalem Move in Times Square

A large crowd of people descended on Times Square Friday night to protest a decision by the U.S. to recognize Israel’s capital as Jerusalem.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters filled the sidewalks of Seventh Avenue, between 41st and 42nd streets. Down the block, a handful of pro-Israeli counter-protesters gathered to support a decision announced by President Trump earlier this week.


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