Miss Iraq Runs for Her Life



Miss Iraq’s family flees Iraq due to threats over selfie with Miss Israel

The family of Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, has fled Iraq and joined their daughter in the US after being harassed and threatened because she posted a photo on Instagram with Miss Israel, Adar Gandelsman, and posed in a bikini during the Miss Universe Pageant in November, Gandelsman told the Israeli Hadashot News.

Gandelsman added that she’s been in contact with Idan ever since seeing her at the pageant at Las Vegas.

She also quoted Idan as saying that the latter “does not regret posting the photo on Instagram.”

“She did that to inform people that it’s possible to live in peace,” Gandelsman said, noting that this why Idan did not delete the photo.

Idan had defended posting the picture with her Israeli counterpart and explained that both contesters chatted about the hope for peace to prevail and that as ambassadors of peace, this should be the spirit. However, she apologized to those who considered the gesture against the Palestinian cause.


Miss Iraq and Miss Israel selfie strikes a nerve

In response to the criticism, Ms Eedan issued a statement on Instagram, saying Miss Israel had approached her at a photo shoot and expressed her hope for peace between their two peoples.

“She asked if I would like to take a picture together. I told her I would be glad to help spread the message. The aim of the photo was an expression of hope for world peace.”



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