Germans Protest Against Migrants in Cottbus

Germany’s Cottbus refusing any more refugees

The city of Cottbus is the latest in a growing number of areas refusing to house any more refugees in Germany.

The decision was criticised by activists and applauded by far-right groups, both of which descended on the city to protest their views.

People in Cottbus say much of the criticism is unwarranted.

Merkel has lost control: Germans start large protests against migrants and open borders

Two large protests against migration have woken up the Germans: On 20 January, at least 2,500 participants were protesting in Cottbus and last Sunday, on 28 January, there was another big protest in Kandel.

The protests started in Cottbus after Syrians attacked several Germans within a matter of days. For example a German man and a German boy were attacked with knives by Syrians. After other incidents, tensions in the town became so high that it stopped the acceptance of new refugees.

But also in Kandel people have had enough of migrant violence. In December, a 15-year-old German girl, called Mia, was brutally murdered by an Afghan refugee in a drug store. Mia was well-liked, she helped organise the local carnival every year.

After the murder of the girl, the anger of the people was triggered by a mayor who seemed to be more concerned about xenophobia than about the safety of the German citizens. Worried women who felt unheard started protesting and the protests started to spread with the largest happening last Sunday.


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