Shut Up! You heard what I said! -California Congresswoman

Waters-King Verbal Slugfest Spills Over Onto House Floor

The highly partisan Whitewater hearings ignited a two-day bout of verbal fisticuffs between Rep. Maxine Waters and a New York Republican that continued on the House floor Friday, bringing proceedings to a brief halt when the Los Angeles Democrat wouldn’t stop talking.

After a huddle with parliamentarians, House Speaker Thomas S. Foley (D-Wash.) ruled Waters out of order for not heeding the repeated requests and urgent gavel-poundings of the lawmaker in the chair, Rep. Carrie Meek (D-Fla.). Waters was then allowed to resume, but had nothing more to say.

The conflict began Thursday evening during the House Banking Committee hearings into Whitewater when Waters told Rep. Peter T. King to “shut up” after she objected to his pointed questioning of witness Margaret Williams, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief of staff.

On Friday, an angry King took to the House floor to chide Waters, saying the remark, “even for the gentlelady from California, went to a new low.”


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