UK Deports Migrants Posing as Children

UK Deports Just 1 in 5 Migrants Posting as Children

The vast majority of migrants who lied about their age to get into the UK have been allowed to stay in the country. Meanwhile, actual infants and under 18s sleeping rough in makeshift camps around northern France remain barred.

Revealed: Just one in five lone ‘child’ migrants caught lying about their age are thrown out of Britain
Only one in five lone child migrants caught lying about their age in a bid to stay in the UK is deported, damning figures have revealed.

More than 2,500 of the 13,600 unaccompanied child asylum seekers who have come to Britain since 2010 have been found to be over 18. But fewer than 600 have been returned home.

The statistics expose the extent to which some adult migrants are trying to deceive the authorities.

Open Borders Activists to Target Airlines After Pilot Refused to Deport Afghan from UK

After the deportation of an Afghan man from the UK was halted when a Turkish pilot refused to fly with him on board, open borders campaigners in Britain have vowed to target airlines and passengers in their quest to block migrant removals.

Our Government seems unable to deport illegal immigrants – even if it knows where they are

Mr Clark was invited on to talk about the Government’s plan – as part of the upcoming Immigration Bill – to give extra powers to landlords to evict tenants who are found to have no rights to be living here in Britain. From now on, they will be able to turf them out as soon as they find out they are here illegally, rather than wait months to evict them through the courts.

ITALY REACHES BREAKING POINT: Rome sending migrants BACK to Sudan on private jets

In a bid to avoid protesters expecting the flight to leave from Milan Malpensa Airport, the migrants were actually flown from Turin-Caselle, an airport over an hour away.

The deportation, the first of its kind in Italy, has been met with outrage.

From April people will be deported for earning less than £35,000

From next month, non-EU migrants earning less than £35,000 will be forced to leave. The new Home Office policy, which comes into force on April 6, applies to all overseas workers who have been in the UK for five years on a Tier 2 visa. If they can’t prove that they’re earning more than £35,000, they will be denied settlement and will face deportation.

EU migrant crisis: Sweden may reject 80,000 asylum claims

Sweden may reject the asylum applications of up to 80,000 migrants and should prepare to deport them, the interior minister says.

Anders Ygeman said charter aircraft would be used to deport the migrants but it would take several years.

Some 163,000 migrants applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015, the highest per capita number in Europe.

The numbers have fallen significantly since Sweden imposed tighter border controls this year.

Along with Germany, the Scandinavian country is a prime destination for refugees and other migrants entering the EU illegally.

Refugee crisis: Afghanistan ruled safe enough to deport asylum-seekers from UK

Hundreds of failed asylum-seekers, including former child migrants, are to be sent back to Afghanistan after the Court of Appeal ruled that deportations can be resumed.

A blanket ban on deportations back to the war-ravaged country was imposed in August last year amid concerns that it was too dangerous. Swathes of territory are controlled by the Taliban, and Isis is establishing a foothold.

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