Berlin Muslim “We don’t have to integrate ourselves anywhere”

JUMA stands for young, muslim, active. The project supports young Muslims to contribute their opinions, wishes and ideas to society. The creators at JUMA are the young people themselves. Which topics they put on the agenda, what they take initiative and what actions they start, the participants also decide themselves. Currently, they are involved among others for refugees, they professionalize the Muslim youth work, write blog posts and newspaper articles, work out school materials or promote interreligious dialogue as interreligious peers.

Leila Younes El-Amaire was born in 1991 in Berlin. She studies law at the Free University of Berlin. She completed her undergraduate studies at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.
At Juma – young, muslim, active, she is involved since the project started in 2010. She participated in many actions there as the central Juma actor, and took part in the program “Religious Diversity in the US” for young leaders in 2014 at the invitation of the US Embassy.

Angry Young Muslims

Young Muslims themselves want to contribute to the “Land of Poets and Thinkers” – and make poetry on stage – even at taz.lab.

Leila Younes El-Amaire. The 24-year-old from Berlin studied law at the Free University. She has been involved with “i, Slam” from the start, is active on the board and responsible for public relations, and gives poetry slam workshops for teenagers. The art form of spoken poetry is a means for them to express themselves, to engage in this society, and to crush the prejudices that come from the headscarf they wear.!161924/


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  1. Tom basinger says:

    If I move to saudi arabia, I do not have to integrate and adjust ?
    You came here because you hate what your culture created. Suppression, violence and pure stupidity in the name of Allah and the liar Mohammad. If you will not be grateful for help and drop the ridiculous ideas built on the terror organization Islam, you need to go somewhere else.

  2. Robert Anstey says:


  3. J Whitehead says:

    If Islam was a religion of Peace, then the Jihad would be Extremely Peaceful, but it’s not. Islam is a dictatorship of War. They don’t want to integrate so they can Brainwash the children.

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