Why Did Trudeau Wear Islamic Socks To Gay Pride Parade?

Is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau too stupid to know that being gay is illegal, in most Islamic countries?

Trudeau celebrates ‘multiple layers of identities’ with Pride Mubarak socks

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has created a social media frenzy after he attended Toronto’s pride march donning rainbow socks celebrating the Muslim holiday of Eid.


The Internet Is Swooning Over the Happiest Photos of Justin Trudeau Ever at the Pride Parade

when it comes to celebrations, Justin Trudeau is all in. He was ready to champion the festivities at Toronto’s annual Pride parade for the second time, as well as Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that marks end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Some people really loved one photo in particular that revealed Trudeau’s all-important socks did double duty. Along the parade route, he stopped to hi-five a young girl dressed as superhero. As he knelt, the photo captured his rainbow socks — which likely celebrated the LGBTQ community. While the colors were flashy, the Internet was quick to point out they also read “Eid Mubarak” to honor Eid al-Fitr, Muslims’ worldwide celebration of the end of the month-long Ramadan fasting.


Foreign travel advice United Arab Emirates
Cross-dressing is illegal. Homosexual sex is illegal


Man Accused of “Gay Handshake” Stands Trial in Dubai


What tourists need to know before going to Dubai
Homosexual acts are illegal and subject to severe punishment.


Gay Saudi Arabian man sentenced to three years and 450 lashes for meeting men via Twitter


Death Penalty Database
Judges reportedly treat gay and lesbian sexual relations as zina, applying the penalty of death or lashing according to the circumstances


10 countries where homosexuality may be punished by death. Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria:, Somalia, Sudan, Mauritania, UAE


Saudi government ‘wants to EXECUTE gay people who show their sexuality in public & online’


Anger at jailing of man caught having gay sex in Dubai


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warns on its website that de facto relationships, homosexual relationships and acts of adultery and prostitution are subject to severe punishment.


A court in Egypt has sentenced four men to up to eight years in prison for committing homosexual acts.


Egypt’s police ‘using social media and apps like Grindr to trap gay people’


Egyptian appeals court on Saturday upheld the conviction of eight men convicted last month of “debauchery” amid an increasingly harsh government campaign against homosexuality, though the court reduced the men’s three-year prison terms to one year,


First gay wedding’ video sends 8 Egyptians to jail for 3 years


Gay Men Arrested During Valentine’s Day Raid in Egypt Are Fighting to Avoid Jail


Living in fear: Egypt’s gay community


Men attacked by anti-gay mob in Nigeria


Indonesian psychiatrists label LGBT as mental disorders


Indonesia- Public floggings for anyone engaged in same-sex relations and sex outside marriage.


Saudi religious police have arrested a doctor for flying the rainbow pride flag above his home in Jeddah, despite his claims he was unaware of the flag’s LGBT symbolism.


Iran’s execution of two men last week for homosexual conduct highlights a pattern of persecution of gay men that stands in stark violation of the rights to life and privacy, Human Rights Watch said today.


In Iran, same sex sexual acts between consenting adults are crimes. Since 1979, thousands of Iranians have been intimidated, harassed in their own homes, arrested, tortured, subjected to cruel corporal punishment, and executed.


Iraqi government facilitates murder of homosexuals, by arresting the victims and handing them over to militias who kill them.

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